Happy Holidays from the Reglar Wiglar staff!

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War on Christmas = ON!

Holiday gift ideas!

Why I'm Fighting Against Christmas

George W. Bush hates Christmas

Bill O'Reilly hates Christmas

The Birds in Albany Park are Sloppy, Fat & Out of Control

The Dictionary According to Rumsfeld

Ideas for Soft Targets album titles

T-Day, amen.

The President of the United States of America

Ten last names of people I went to grade school withthat would be plausible Chicago 'post-rock' band names

Ode To A Nugget (An Ode)

Ode To A Nugget (A Haiku Poem)

Something you should know

Da White Sax

Mike Wing's brother Chris

It's A Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush World

World Famous Record Reviews

Theodore Roosevelt Heller, R.I.P.

Half the story

Top Five Web Sites

Yo! Marc B!

Healthy Hint #2 from Toby Woodrow

Healthy Hint #1 from Toby Woodrow

10 Most Awesomely Great New VH1 Shows!

Next Question (Dedicated to D. Rumsfeld)

Garage Sale Saturday

Top twenty Google image searches for Fall song titles

Top ten Google image searches for Misfits song titles!

Restaurant Reviews

Trade Me New Zealand

Divorced from Reality

Bush Finds Silver Lining in Hurricane Disaster

Restaurant Reviews

The Top Nine Woodrows Records of All-Time!


Another reason to impeach the S.O.B.

Reglar Wiglar #21 Out Soon, Etc.!!!

I Got Plans for Tonight


Unfortunate Cookie

RIP: The Rocker

Dear Los Pinos Mexican Restauran

Calling Shipping/ Receiving

Meanwhile, in the +BlackMetal+ chat room on soulseek...

I Got More

Thousands and thousands and thousands of old 45s...Many unplayed...yours dirt cheap...but there's a catch


Random Mix CD (for Steve Stelling)

You Got Nuts

What's Your Deal?


I Drank an Assload of Beer Last Night

Tom Cruise Needs to Mind His Own Damn Business

Step off, Bitch

I Heard Star Wars Sucks, Dude

5 Conspiracy Theories Debunked

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Inappropriate, perhaps illegal...

Uh, oh.

Chinese Pizza

Introducing "The Mike Dixon"

The Ironic Mustache of Wicker Park (A Poem)

3 quick reviews

Old-school file sharing!

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Mike Wing: crazy balls?

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Waste more time on the internet!

The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday

The Priests - Tall Tales

Om - Variations on a Theme

DMBQ - The Essential Sounds From The Far East.

Minimal review upload

What would you ask King Buzzo?

Woah! Check this out!

Dunc the Punk's Record Reviews!!!

Minor zine review upload

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Another record review

Our blog is okay, but we'd rather be reading

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2 Records Reviewed: Black Mountain and BBQ

If there's such a thing as an anti-climatic beginning...