Reglar Wiglar #21 Out Soon, Etc.!!!

Yes, it's true, Reglar Wiglar #21 is currently at the printers and should be available for public consumption sometime next week. For those of you who don't know, the Reglar Wiglar is the zine from which this blog takes it's name. The new issue, in addition to the usual features, has interviews with Chicago's Peelers; legendary punk pioneers D.O.A. (see blog entry below); underground artist, Gary Panter; local indie rockers, Lying in States and NYC's The Hold Steady. For a real life copy of this fantastic issue, send $2 to Reglar Wiglar Magazine, 1658 N Milwaukee, #545, Chicago IL, 60647. That's a friggin' deal, people.

In other news, is about to go down (and as well), but hopefully only temporarily. I don't know when I'll have my computer and internet issues sorted out, but you'll just have to check back. Besides, the blog is where it's at, right? Where's our book deal?

And finally on a rock note, my new band, Soft Targets, is making it's club debut this Friday, August 19, at 9pm at Silvie's Lounge, 1902 W Irving Park Road in Chicago. Don't be a wuss, come out and see us and drink some beer, it's Friday for God's sake!


Chris Auman
Office Manager
Reglar Wiglar Publisher
RoosterCow Records President
Scratcher of Backs (When Reciprocated)


Anonymous said…
Is it next week yet? FUCK!
Anonymous said…
Fuckin' a dude, watch your language! No, it is not next week yet. It will be next week in about a week. Have patience. Or as that annoying troll Yoda would probably say, Patience have.
Anonymous said…
How about now?? FUCK FUCK!!
Anonymous said…
Okay, fuck. It's gotta be next week by now.
Anonymous said…
Just got a call from the printers. The cover stock was on back order. The friggin' thing just shipped today, so keep your skivies on there, cheif.
Anonymous said…
Fuck! That's great news!
Anonymous said…
Here's some better news. The new issue is here. It's in town anyway, at an undisclosed location. I should be able to pick it up Saturday. Isn't that fantastic? And you idiots said it would never be done. HA!