Friday, March 25, 2005

A blog of our own

I've been waiting a good long while to get my hands on a blog and now, thanks to Oliver Trask --or was it Soggy Sprinkles?--anyway, doesn't matter, here 'tis. If you are unfamiliar with the print version of the Reglar Wiglar or unfamiliar with our "web presence" at, we are a long-running humor/music magazine out of Chicago, Illinois. For twelve years the Reglar Wiglar has existed as an alternative to even the alternative music magazines, providing you with honest, stupid, sometimes informed, sometimes uninformed opinions about the latest records, zines, and comics as well as a wealth of less than insightful interviews about the artists who create the previously alluded to works, in addition to a plethora of run-on sentences.

I know staff ne'er-d0-well Joey Germ is chomping at the bit to get his two cents in (which is twice as much as he's worth) so I will give him that opportunity now by shutting my mouth.


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