Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Half the story

At this exact moment, I'm parked at my work station, listening to last night's Best Show, enjoying a fresh "Mike Dixon", contemplating abondoning my effort to finish Neuromancer in favor of starting Good As Gold, and perusing the electronically-encoded B.S. "here" on this web-site (presently the sole official internet source for the Reglar Wiglar's trademark humor-simulations).
We've presented some funny and even more not-really-funny stuff over the past eight months, but it's occurred to me that if anyone's checking in with any regularity (if there's any way to keep track of the hits on this page, we haven't figured it out yet), they may only be getting HALF THE STORY. At the bottom of each and every delicious blog entry, there is a link to a comments section, where readers are encouraged to contribute their own 2 cents.
For instance, you may have missed the opportunity to weigh in on the spirited debate over whether or not snack chips belong on sandwiches; or to suggest a question for Buzz Osborne to ingnore; or maybe you've got a Jimmy Buffet prank call fantasy you'd like to share; or maybe you just want to insult the author, insulated by the anonymity that emboldens you and so many of your fellow internet cowards. Seriously, we love our readers, won't you consider giving some of it back, or at least throw it back in our stupid faces once in a while?
--J.D. Fortune

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