Tuesday, January 31, 2006

From the 'Where Are They Now?' file

If you're the CEO of a big corporation, and you need help with your company's taxes, maybe you should call up Killdozer's Michael Gerald!
Likewise, if you're making a major motion picture (say, for instance, yet another Mighty Ducks sequel), and you need an experienced grip, you can't do any better than Killdozer's Bill Hobson!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ONE WORD RECORD REVIEWS from Reglar Wiglar #21, translated into Spanish and back into English by freetranslation.com!


It hears, I am a minimalist, why to sting words al to say the vindictive and insignificant things, or the pleasant things of burro-kissey about an artist and his work? A word often can summarize our feelings about someone or about something if we want or not as. It worked for ours hairy, ancestors of cave-dwelling did not? Insurance did. And

BURY ITS DEAD PERSON Erases the tracks (the Victory)

The PORT of DENVER Scenic (Universal)

CHANGE FOR ALWAYS The Alive Need to Feel (Door of Flood)

The GLORY OF THIS Adoration (Indianola)

THE PILDORAS MARVELOUS 1 + 1 + Ate (the Zeal)

SLEEPYKID Monday by the Smile of tomorrow (Obtains Hip)

THE DIRECCION NEW of the I TRAVEL Marvelous Mechanisms of Defense (Some they Register)
Of south.

Dying FOR ALWAYS FORGOT Beautiful (Thorp)
It recalled.

THE RAZON Ravenna (SmallMan)

(read the originals, click here (scroll down into the "F" reviews))

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's 2006 People, Wake Up!

Anyway. After months of intense and painstaking labor and the typing on the keyboard, etc, the new Reglar Wiglar Website is 90% complete! And with it comes some new editions since the last time you may have checked. Such as, an article by veteran Reglar Wiglar Reporter, Mike Dixon, after a conversation with the underground comix legend Gary Panter; an e-mail interview conducted with our hockey playing, punk rock brothers to the North, DOA; and archived record reviews from the past five issues!

In the future we plan to archive the entire Reglar Wiglar back catalog. This could take some time, so please check out reglarwiglar.com periodically and check this blog also for some blasts from the past.

We hope you share our excitement about these new developments and enjoy the shit out of the new site!