Sunday, December 31, 2017

Most Popular eBook Titles on Amazon

Most Popular eBook Titles on Amazon

Anyone can write and publish an eBook and sell it on Amazon for 99 cents. The evidence for that is that everyone has. All you need is a clever, incredibly long title to hit every possible Google search keyword, then just sit back and reel in the schmucks. Do that a million times and you will have made yourself rich and Amazon even richer. Just remember to keep the book's content short and the titles really, really long. 

1) How I Turned a Hardcore Gambling Addiction into A Million Dollar Enterprise That Allowed Me to Buy My Dream Home and Marry a Gorgeous Super Model

2) How Quitting My Job to Play Fan Duel Full-Time Helped Me Lose Weight and Keep it Off by Eating Whatever I Wanted While Dating Women Much, Much Hotter than Me

3) Even a High School Dropout with No Social Skills Can Trick Women into Bed While Beating the Stock Market Playing World of Warcraft

4) How to Turn a One Night Stand on Tinder into A Serious Committed Relationship Built on Trust and Mutual Respect While Making Millions and Living the Dream Without Dieting

5) A Hassle-free Guide to Building Muscle and Your Bank Account While Losing Weight, Gaining Wealth and Getting Laid Guaranteed in 5 Easy Steps or Your Money Back

Friday, December 29, 2017

MUSIC REVIEW: Nathan Xander: Blue House

Nathan XanderBlue House[Trailer Fire Records]

Nathan Xander returns. Not that he went away, but he is back, nevertheless, with an album full of homesickness and being homeward bound. The Pennsylvania native is based in New York City these days, but he has enjoyed a period of wandering that has seen him living the nomadic life of a troubadour. This is evident on the 12-tracks of Blue House, which was recorded in Upstate New York, in a barn, painted blue, providing at least one meaning behind the album's title. [Read more]

Thursday, December 07, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Moving Target: The History and Evolution of Green Arrow Richard Gray

Moving Target: The History and Evolution of Green Arrow
Richard Gray
[Sequart Organization]

If you're a diehard comic book fan, looking to dive deep into the history, thought-process and execution of a comic with a long and colorful history—and you're a fan of the Green Arrow in particular—notch this book in your desktop, mobile, device, or your lap and learn a thing or two about a dude that has been around awhile by a guy who knows a whole lot of about this stuff.

Monday, December 04, 2017

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Chicago: A Comix Memoir by Glenn Head

Chicago: A Comix Memoir
Glenn Head

Chicago is the true story—a comix memoir, if you will—of a young comix artist (gonna spell it 'comics' from here on out) struggling to survive in, you guessed it, Chicago. Head captures that late 70s look and feel  of the city and scene in this open and honest autobiography. He may have gone a little nuts, and this certainly wasn't a story easy to tell. 

[Read more]

Saturday, December 02, 2017

MINI COMIC REVIEW: Laffy Meal by Pranas Naujokaitis

Laffy Meal
Pranas Naujokaitis
[Ghost Car Press]

Laffy Meal is a set of mini comics about a family trip to the fictional Burger Clown restaurant. It's a clever concept with the point-of-view of each family member represented in a separate mini. Hungry yet?

[Read more]

Monday, November 27, 2017

HOPPY HOLIDAYS: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

This year's Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by Frog-in-a-Box*! Check out these picks for stocking stuffers sure to make whatever holiday you celebrate all the more spectacular.

Robyn Hitchcock LP/CD

Robyn Hitchcock released his 21st album on April 21st, which happens to be my birthday. This eponymous record made an excellent birthday gift. It will no doubt make an excellent holiday present as well. It's Hitchcock's best effort in years. That's saying a lot too, for Robyn is man who has set the bar quite high for himself and he consistently meets or exceeds expectations. The album is hook laden as only Hitch can laden it. If there's a Hitchhead in your life who doesn't own this gem, here's your chance to rectify that situation, posthaste.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

COMICS REVIEW: Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever: Completely Ridiculous Edition

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever: Completely Ridiculous Edition Tom Neely and Friends

The Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever series of comics are based on the ridiculous premise that Henry Rollins—he of Black Flag, and Glenn Danzig, of Misfits/Danzig/ etc.—are lovers wedded in domestic bliss, as well as neighbors to the satan-worshipping Hall and Oates. Intrigued yet?

Monday, June 05, 2017

Tetris Fever!

Brilliant time suck or silly waste of time? Read the Reglar Wiglar review of Box Brown's graphic novel history of the greatest game of all time: Tetris: The Games People Play.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

ZINE REVIEW: Out of the Basement

Out of the Basement: From Cheap Trick to DIY Punk in Rockford, Illinois, 1973-2005

By David A. Ensminger 

Microcosm Publishing

Every borough and backwater across the US has its own story about how punk rock came to town and conquered the hearts and minds of the idle youth. Those who were bitten by the DIY bug started bands, made zines, hosted radio shows, DJed and turned dives into venues where new bands could play. The names of many, if not most, of these local pioneers will be lost to history, but not if Microcosm Publishing has anything to do with it. Their Scene History series records these often overlooked movements in zine form. Out of the Basement is Rockford’s story. [Read more]

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

MUSIC REVIEW: The Central: Discovery of a Rat

Discovery Of A Rat (Blue Bedroom

The Central deliver a new twelve-song album from their home base up there in frosty Madison, Wisconsin. The general population of the great state of Wisconsin apparently bought the Trump line of gaudy merchandise hook, line and sinker, but I won’t hold that against this band or the 77 square miles surrounding capital city.

The Central, by its own admission, is a progressive grind band and they do grind, but this two-piece band is by no means a one-trick-pony. Their latest, Discovery Of A Rat contains a full-on assault of extreme noise that is angry, and raw, but there’s also quiet parts and little melodic worms that work their way into their songs and then into your skull. This includes, but is not limited to the funky ditty “Palette Cleanser” which is the sonic version of exactly that. Many of the songs contain as much groove as grind, and more math rock than full on metal mayhem. “Australian Karate Jew” has a 90s indie/math rock sound; “Totem Bowl” actually has a speedy, hyper kinetic pop sound and “Pop Culture Prostitute”, which features Henry Rollins audio snippets, is an especially thrashed out track. As a side note, the album cover is excessively gnarly.

Discovery Of A Rat is cathartic, angry and loud, yet razor sharp. Don't believe me? Stream it for yourself: