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SONG OF THE DAY: The Memories, "En Espanol"

VIDEO: Bronze Radio, "Further On"

Bronze Radio Return

From the Desks of Stunt Stunt Company:

 Bronze Radio Return Announce New Full-Length Studio Album Up, On & Over – Out June 25th


NEW YORK, NY – Hartford, CT’s own Bronze Radio Return is thrilled to announce their brand new full-length studio album Up, On & Over, due out on June 25th, 2013.  For the new album, the sextet headed down to White Star Sound studios in Louisa, Virginia where they worked with producer Chad Copelin (Ivan & Alyosha, Ben Rector) and tapped 7-time Grammy© Award Winning F. Reid Shippen (Cage The Elephant, Deathcab for Cutie, Mat Kearney) to mix.  The result is a polished collection of Bronze Radio Return’s signature sing-alongable, hand-clappable brand of country-tinged folk-pop.

Fans can already hear the first single from Up, On & Over, “Further On,” thanks to the PGA Tour who picked the track for their national TV ad campaign.  The spot has been so successful since starting to air earlier this year that  it has made “Further On” the band’s best-selling single to date. On the heels of the ad and the single’s success, “Further On” will impact AAA radio on June 3rd via a partnership with DigSin. In addition, Up, On & Over marks the band’s first full-length release since 2011’s breakthrough album Shake! Shake! Shake! – which debuted at #4 on Billboard’s Northeast Regional Heatseekers Chart.  The songs on Shake! Shake! Shake! went on to be synced more than 50 times, with each track on the record being synced at least once.  The album’s title track, “Shake, Shake, Shake,” garnered over 10 syncs of its own, including a worldwide Nissan Leaf ad, an American Idol placement, and more.  Furthermore, the song made waves at AAA radio after being the #2 most added last November, and NPR’s “All Songs Considered” highlighted Bronze Radio Return ahead of this year’s SXSW, dubbing the band “…this year’s fun.,” and earmarked them as one of 20 acts not to miss in Austin.

Bronze Radio Return has spent a majority of time since the release of Shake! Shake! Shake! touring nationally.  To celebrate the release of Up, On & Over, the band will headline a special record release show on June 27th at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom.  Keep your eyes peeled for additional summer appearances, and see below for a full list of confirmed dates.

Visit now for an exclusive album per-order, including a limited edition vinyl pressing of the album. 

May    16th, King’s, Raleigh, NC
           17th CutBait Music Festival, Columbus, GA
           18th Draft on Taft Festival, Atlanta, GA
Jun      8th  Kekoka Music Festival, Kilmarnock, VA
           13th Three Rivers Arts Fest, Pittsburgh, PA
           22nd Cupola Music Festival, Stowe, VT
           27th Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
           28th  The Hamilton, Washington, DC
           29th   Rams Head On Stage, Annapolis, MD
           30th  World Café Live Downstairs, Philadelphia, PA         
Jul        3rd  Inside Out Gallery, Traverse City, MI
            4th  Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, MI
            5th  Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
            6th   Space, Evanston, IL
            18th  Firebird, St. Louis, MO
            19th  Czar Bar, Kansas City, MO
            20th  Center of the Universe Festival, Tulsa, OK
                23rd  High Watt, Nashville, TN
            26-27th  FloydFest at Blue Cow Pavilion, Floyd, VA
Sept.   21-22nd   Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion, Bristol, VA

VIDEO: Blues Control, "Open Air"

ON TOUR: Blues Control, Europe

From the Desks of Drag City:


Blues Control released Valley Tangents nearly a year ago, during the summer of our end-of-times, 2012. Luckily for all, the end-of-times proved to be a new age of enlightenment more than anything, with Blues Control at the forefront, extending the meadows of their Valley Tangents with no signs of straying into slate, porous rock, ocean or mountain. Valley Tangents provide lush and lively excursions for all who graze on its grasses, and recent torrential downpours yield a fresh new organism on which to feast - the official music video for 'Tangents tune, "Open Air." Directed by Tara Sinn (who also directed "Love's A Rondo"), the video creates a pastoral-like terrain, communicating the song's ambient qualities, which slowly builds aurally and visually with footage that becomes progressively more experimental as it approaches its denouement.

"Open Air" also celebrates the official Valley Tangents tour of Europe!  Make sure to catch them during this tour, which marks the first time they will set foot on the European continent for Valley Tangents.
6/7/13: Le Bourg- Lausanne, Switzerland
6/8/13: Kraspek- Myzik Lyon, France
6/9/13: Cave 12- Geneva, Switzerland
6/10/13: Miscelanea- Barcelona, Spain
6/12/13: La Limera- Valencia, Spain
6/13/13: El Perro Club- Madrid, Spain
6/14/13: Ibu Hots- Vitoria, Spain
6/15/13: Festival West Side- Nantes, France
6/16/13: Espace En Cours- Paris, France
6/17/13: Slowboy- Dusseldorf, Germany
6/19/13: Les Ateliers Claus- Brussels, Belgium
6/20/13: Occii- Amsterdam, Netherlands
6/22/13: Power Lunches- London, United Kingdom
6/23/13: All Tomorrow's Parties Festival- Camber Sands, United Kingdom w/ Laraaji
6/24/13: Echnum- Antwerp, Belgium
6/25/13: Oberdeck- Hanover, Germany
6/29/13: Drone Bar- Copenhagen, Denmark
6/30/13: Fusion Festival- Larz, Germany
7/2/13: The Circus- Helsinki, Finland
7/3/13: Sing Sang- Studio Malmö, Sweden
7/4/13: Festsaal Kreuzberg- Berlin, Germany
7/5/13: Urban Spree- Berlin, Germany

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Some more B.S. from P.C. Jones in the form of a review (RW#2 1994) of a record that (along with GBV's Bee Thousand and Archers of Loaf's Icky Mettle), I would listen to many, many, many times in 1994.

One Sock Missing (Shangri-La, Inc)
I talked to a friend of mine the other day on the telephone, and he said if you see this Grifters CD, buy it! It was a pretty firm command. He also advised me to look for the Archers of Loaf as well, but I don't know, something about the name puts me off somehow. I think I would be a little embarrassed walking up to the cute girl at the checkout counter at Reckless Records and asking for the Archers of Loaf record, the same way that I would be more than a little embarrassed asking her if the new Poo Sticks record was in. Just can't do it. But anyway, I had a big wad of cash laid on me from Santa (or at least I think it was Santa. Some red nosed, fat dude with an even fatter wallet was puking in the alley behind the Metro on Xmas Eve so I figured, I'd been a good boy in '93, might as well see what old St. Nick had for the kid this year). Two hundred bucks in cash—I was a good boy, and as a result, among other things not entirely legal, I bought this CD. So, the review part: One Sock Missing, it's this band called Grifters, it's got fourteen songs on it and it's one second short of being 45 minutes long. Oh yeah, it's pretty cool as well. I think these guys are from Memphis proper or' round thereabouts. I really don't know. What I do kind of know is, this is their second full-length (the first one, by their very own admission wasn't that good) and they've had a handful of 7 inches since their inception as a three piece called, Band Called Bud, circa 1989. Most of these releases, by their own admission, weren't that good either, but what are you gonna do?

Stank, Tripp, Diamond Dave and Slim do manage to pull off a good record this time around and I really don't think they should be that down on themselves, unless of course they're just trying to keep their egos in check, which is cool, but false modesty doesn't always get the bills paid. "She Blows Static" and "Shark" are good tunes, as is the haunting "#1" and "Corolla Hoist" (a remake of an earlier single). Their tune "Tupelo Moan" sounds like what the Black Crows' Robinson Brothers might have done in high school. Not to say that this is an amateurish attempt to rip off the Black Crows very professional rip off of Muddy Waters and the like, on the contrary, what I meant by that comment was that this whole album was recorded off a four-track in some flower shop and mixed in some really cheap Memphis studio, that's all I meant. This disc is low-fi, man, but it's cool like an early Replacements record, kind of got a Sebadoh feel to it, you know? This shit ain't slick and it ain't produced but it's for real, baby. Kind of reminds me of my old band...

(What followed was one of the writer's suppressed desires to be a rock'n'roll star surfacing in the form of a comparison/anecdote/analogy of when he used to be in a band, a band that most likely sucked, but which he thought was way ahead of its time making them unappreciated, overlooked and frustrated, which forced him to break up the group and write records reviews. This whole mess has been deleted for your reading please-ED)

Those were the days. Thank you for letting me share my feelings and my memories–PC Jones


So, here is a review of Chaos A.D. by the Brazilian metal band, Sepultura (RW#2, 1994). The review is silly enough, of course, but for some reason "Malcolm Tent" also included a review of two made-up bands. This sort of thing was probably the reason nobody really liked or read the Reglar Wiglar when it showed up on the floors of record stores around Chicago in the early 90s. "Cyberpunk" was a thing for a minute back then, so I guess that might explain some of the 3Jane stuff, that and the fact that I had just read William Gibson's Neuromancer book. Who knows. Please, try to enjoy it.

Chaos A.D. (Roadrunner)
Industrial Espionage (Metalli-Sized)
The Sprawl (Virtual)
I got the shits, dude, so I ain't in the best of moods right now. Never mix Milwaukee's Best with PBR, man. It just ain't worth it. Two fine brews should be savored independently of each other. See, I knew that already but when I was at the liquor store apparently a couple of cases of MB got fucked up and busted and so did a case of Blue Ribbon so, George, the liquor store dude, who I don't think his real name is George because he's got this really fucked up accent and I just don't think they name people George where he comes from, but anyway, he like had this grab bag thing goin' where he just threw 12 cans of brew into a box and it cost $4.99 for whatever the hell was in the box (there was one can of Lite beer in there too, which I have no clue whatsoever on how that puppy got in thee, but the old lady was spendin' the night so I didn't even have to deal with it, that's chick beer). So, don't mix yer pilsners, man, or else you'll be writtin' your record reviews from the toilet like yours truly here. I don't know though, sometimes I think this is where I think best, right here on the John Crapper. What a name, imagine the odds of the man that invented the toilet was not only named John but John Crapper, that's fucked up.

Anyway, the review; I actually have several records to review. The first one is Chaos AD by those godhead, Sepultura, Chaos AD is a really good record. It's got some songs on it that are better than some of the others, for example "Territory" (cool video) is better than "Biotech is Godzilla" and "Slave New World" is cooler than "Propaganda", but all the songs are good and you should definitely buy this CD or the album or cassette, depending on what kind of stereo you own. If you ride out the CD there is some maniacal cackling recorded at the very tail end that will be sure to freak your neighbors' shit

Another record I would like to review is Insynuator, whom I believe will have an interview with Muggsy McMuphy running in this same issue, which is why I was asked to review their last record which actually came out three or four years ago. This is a good record. It has some really super awesome songs on it and some fairly good tunes as well. Some songs on this record, titled Industrial Espionage, that rock are songs like "We Who Rock Harder Than Others" and "War Zone 91." You should get this one too

A band called 3Jane, from somewhere in California have a debut record called the Sprawl. It's cool Cyberpunk, better than Billy Idol's new tunes. There's tunes on it called "Sally Shears," "Jack In" and "Ice Breaker," just to give you an idea of what this record is all about.
Wow, they ask for one record review, didn't think I could meet their deadline, and then I crank out three reviews, hah! 'Til later on kids. Bye–Malcolm Tent

WAY BACK MACHINE: 3rd Bass, "Brooklyn-Queens"

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VIDEO: Dope Body, "Leather Head"

ON TOUR: Alasdair Roberts

From the desks of Drag City:

(photo: Alex Woodward)
Summer 2013, will likely be a memorable one, with Alasdair Roberts & Friends heading to the states and Canada for an extensive tour in support of A Wonder Working Stone, which came out on Drag City last January, which continues Alasdair's long-standing love affair and deeply creative interaction with the traditional music of has native Scotland (and beyond), offering an idiosyncratic and nuanced radicalization of that tradition. Indeed, he questions the very notion of 'tradition' in the modern age, with songs addressing topics such as mortality (as ever), life, love, sex, faith and history. Make sure to come out and share in the experience!
Sat. 7/13: Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Festival
Sun. 7/14: Chicago, IL @ Square Roots Festival
Mon. 7/15: Chicago, IL @ Downtown Sound: New Music Monday Series
Tue. 7/16: Toronto, ON @ The Drake Hotel
Wed. 7/17: Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo
Thu. 7/18: New Salem, MA @ 1794 Meetinghouse
Fri. 7/19:  Brooklyn, NY @ Celebrate Brooklyn! Performing Arts Festival
Sun. 7/21: Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes
Mon. 7/22: Kalamazoo, MI @ The 411 Club
Tue. 7/23: Cedar Rapids, IA @ CSPS
Wed. 7/24: Minneapolis, MN @ Icehouse
Fri. 7/26: Calgary, AB @ Calgary Folk Music Festival
Sat. 7/27: Calgary, AB @ Calgary Folk Music Festival
Sun. 7/28: Calgary, AB @ Calgary Folk Music Festival
Mon. 7/29: Winnipeg, MB @ West End Cultural Centre
Wed. 7/31: Washington, DC @ Millennium Stage - Kennedy Center
Thu. 8/1: New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub
“Few, if any, artists are pushing the boundaries of traditional music further.” 
Graeme Thomson, Uncut, rating: 9/10

“It's funny, touching, thoughtful, more than a little bit weird...and rather wonderful."
Colin Irwin, MOJO, rating: ★★★★
"Alasdair Roberts knows what is at stake if we are to peer behind tradition's veil and hear folk music as living and new. His attitude to the tradition is clear and iconoclastic." Nick Southgate, WIRE, Issue 347

"His themes are universal and mystical, yet never beholden to the images and phrasings of the past" Nick Southgate, WIRE, Issue 347

"Alasdair Roberts writes new songs that seem to be hundreds of years old. He also sings songs that are hundreds of years old but sound like they were written yesterday. He is the most exciting young musician currently working within the folk tradition of these islands and is, in my opinion, a kind of genius.” --Robin Robertson

Friday, May 24, 2013


This little piece of fluff music journalism typified the cronyism of the old-boy network that was the '90s underground. Guilty as charged! What I failed to mention in this review was that I knew well the "brains" behind the Mono Cat 7 label (I don't know why I put brains in quotes, that was mean). I think I even managed to squeeze some ad money out of these boys for the very issue this review appeared in (RW#2, 1994). Just another shameless plug and it worked: Mono Cat 7 would go on to become synonymous with iconic record labels like SST, Sub Pop and Matador, and what do I get?

7" Singles (Mono Cat 7)

SCHWAH "I Love Bill Murray" b/w "The Living Most"
BUSHROCKS "Pigs Feet" b/w "Geek Love"
DITCHWEED "Tennessee Rider" b/w "Energy"
AFGHAN WHIGS/ASS PONYS "Mr. Superlove" b/w "You, My Flower"
SISTERN "5 Foot 9" b/w "Make a Move"

Dig this, I call up this guy who partly owns and operates Mono Cat 7 Records in Cincinnati and I say, "Hey, holmes, I'd really like to review your shit for this ultra-cool, cutting edge, way alternative music magazine that I write for. Dudes like, "No way, cool, I'll send you copies of everything right away. What did you say the name of the magazine was?" "Chicago's Subnation," I says. Sucker.

So the records come in the mail a couple of days later and once again Muggsy's charm does more good than harm, for Muggsy anyway.

In the quest for the next burgeoning music scene, certain publications have bent their regional concentration to the Queen City: Cincinnati, home of the Reds and the (heh, heh) Bengals and the rising star that is the Afghan Whigs and with any luck, Mono Cat 7 Records.

Mono Cat has only been committing themselves to vinyl and thus far they have a pretty impressive track record, no clunkers yet. The first release is by a band called Schwah featuring two of the label owners, Tim Davison and Jerrod Oldman (Jimmy D, local axe merchant, being the third party). "The Living Most" and "I Love Bill Murray" are haunting tunes, eerie catchy hooks; good guitar rock. Schwah has been compared to Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins, but then again, who the fuck hasn't? I've seen them play live a couple times, chicks dig it, so you got to be into that.

Bushrocks: power punk, pop'n'roll, cool enough to overstuff yerself on their sugar-coated candy ride. Saw 'em at Cincinnati's Sudsy's back in the day and they put on a more than OK live show.

Ditchweed is the, dare I say it, arrrrgh, GRUNGY record of the series. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist. No, but seriously, I've been told the production wasn't that great on this record but it still rocks, in a muddy in-the-ditch sort of way. "Tennessee Rider" is a stoner's rock anthem wet dream. There's some white trash genius behind this.

The Whigs lend more than just their name to help out their local scene. Doing a cover of local rockers, Ass Ponys' tune, "Mr. Superlove." The favor is returned by the Pony's cover of The Whigs, "You, My Flower." It's a gem of a disc all around and hopefully, the big sell for the label.

The Sistern 7 incher; it's hypnotic and kinda groovy in a reverby sort of way. It's got strong vocals and well... I like it.

So there, I have not only justified my existence as a grossly underpaid music critic, but I have also paid for all these singles by pluggin' them in this rag. I'll even one-up Mono Cat by givin' you their address in case you should want to check out these singles yourselves, Hell, buy me a beer and I may even give one to yah. (Address Deleted)–Muggsy McMurphy

COMICS REVIEW: Jack Davis, "Taint the Meat..."

Hey Mad Magazine and Horror Comics fans! Here's a review I wrote of Jack Davis' "Tales from the Crypt" Tain't the Meat... It's the Humanity! anthology over on Sound on Sight. It's pretty scary: 
Jack Davis

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VIDEO: Sic Alps, "She's On Top"

SONG OF THE DAY: Susana, "Death Hanging"

ON TOUR: Scout Niblett

From the Desks of PitchPerfect PR:



Like the record says, It's Up To Emma - and so, Emma "Scout" Niblett has her guitar and her "Gun" and all her other songs loaded up. Now she's going down the road, feeling glad - because the new album is a bogglingly visceral experience, but taking it into the clubs and in front of the people was her goal from the start. Friends old and new alike will be welcomed in with a show of her deep siren blues and a wicked grin, all put forth with just a guitar and a drumkit behind her. Make time for Scout Niblett - or she'll find you, swear to God...



SCOUT NIBLETT TOUR DATES (new dates in bold):
Fri. May 31 - Mannheim, Germany @ Maifeld Derby Festival
Sat. June 1 - Hamburg, Germany @ Kampnagel
Mon. June 3 - Berlin, Germany @ Volksbuhne
Tue. June 4 - Duisburg, Germany @ Steinbruch
Wed. June 5 - Schorndorf, Germany @ Manufaktur
Thu. June 6 - Brussels, Belgium @ Le Botanique
Sat. June 8 - Paris, France @ Point Ephemere
Sun. June 9 - Cologne, Germany @ Museum Ludwig
Tue. June 11 - Munich, Germany @ Strom
Wed. June 12 - Vienna, Austria @ Chelsea
Thu. June 13 - Graz, Austria @ Postgarage
Fri. June 14 - Innsbruck, Austria @ Die Backerei
Sat. June 15 - Luzern, Switzerland @ B Sides Festival
Mon. June 17 - Lille, France @ La Peniche
Tue. June 18 - London, United Kingdom @ Corsica Studios
Wed. June 19 - Cardiff, United Kingdom @ Buffalo Bar
Thu. June 20 - Leeds, United Kingdom @ Brudenell Social Club
Fri. June 21 - Glasgow, United Kingdom @ Broadcast
Sat. June 22 - Brighton, United Kingdom @ Sticky Mile's
Mon. June 24 - Jena, Germany @ Café Wagner
Wed. June 26 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Lilla Hotellbaren
Thu. June 27 - Oslo, Norway @ Gut Feelings Festival
Thu. Aug. 22 - Seattle, WA @ Barboza *
Fri. Aug. 23 - Vancouver, BC @ Cobalt *
Sat. Aug. 24 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios *
Thu. Aug. 29 - San Francisco, CA @ Café Du Nord *
Fri. Aug. 30 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Mezz *
Sat. Aug. 31 - San Diego, CA @ Tin Can Alehouse *
Tue. Sept. 3 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk
Wed. Sept. 4 - Houston, TX @ Mango's
Thu. Sept. 5 - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
Fri. Sept. 6 - Atlanta, GA @ 529
Tue. Sept. 10 - Washington, DC @ Black Whiskey ^
Wed. Sept. 11 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery ^
Thu. Sept. 12 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie ^
Fri. Sept. 13 - Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus ^
Sat. Sept. 14 - Boston, MA @ Cambridge Elks Lodge ^
Mon. Sept. 16 - Montreal, QC @ Casa del Popolo ^
Tue. Sept. 17 - Toronto, ON @ The Silver Dollar ^
Wed. Sept. 18 - Cleveland, OH @ Mahall's 20 Lanes ^
Thu. Sept. 19 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Warhol Museum (an Evening With)
Fri. Sept. 20 - Lexington, KY @ Boomslang Festival ^
Sat. Sept. 21 - Chicago, IL @ Hideout ^
Sun. Sept. 22 - Minneapolis, MN @ Ice House ^
Fri. Nov. 22-Sat. Nov. 24 - Camber Sands, United Kingdom @ ATP Festival (End of An Era Pt. 1)

 * w/ P.G. Six (Pat Gubler solo)
^ w/ Dope Body

SONG OF THE DAY: Standish/Carlyon, "Subliminally"

Friday, May 17, 2013

VIDEO: Joy Division's Iconic Unkown Pleasures Album



The debut of "Joey Germ's #$%*!!" originally published in Reglar Wiglar #3, 1994

COOL SHIT: "College," photography by Michael Jang


Hello friends and lovers,

We are pleased to announce the SECOND EDITION of one of our best publications. This one is called "COLLEGE" with photography by Michael Jang. As the title suggests, it's photos from his college days from when he went to Cal Arts. It's the 70's. And it is wild. Cameos from his classmates, room mates, teachers, party events, and shows include Pee Wee Herman, Kramer, David Hasslehof, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Lee Friedlander, John Baldessari, and more.

The first edition had sold out in 2 days and there seemed to be some of huffing and puffing from the sleepy ones. Ye ask and ye shall receive. Welcome yourself to the second edition feast, which is twice the size of the first. And may ye behold a joyous festivity.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

VIDEO: Burnt Ones, "Web"


From the Desk of PopSkoole PR

Dzierzynski Bitz (as Dzerzhinsky Bitz) is an orchestra of sorts. They can expand their numbers and their sound with musical connections from across the European continent. The Russian band currently calls Ukraine their home. The name, Dzierzynski Bitz, takes a playful stab at a Soviet icon who was sometimes known as Bloody Felix. You can use your imagination to figure out how Old Bloody earned his nickname. Bitz is simply Beat in English, but they're more Bronski Beat than English Beat and more Beatniks than Beatles. They posses a sound that is itself a playful take on Soviet era music. They mix it with new wave. They give it a post-punk attitude and invite the London Swing to engage in a romance with preWar Poland at their Soviet Bloc Party where cocktail jazz is being served in chilled glasses by very chill players. They can whip up a stir with their music that will get your heart fluttering while your feet begin to shuffle.

Dzerzhinsky Bitz first came together in 2007, although the current line-up has been together for just over 9 months. The players are Wojciech Dzierzynski (no relation?) who provides the vocals as well as percussion; Aleksei Rodzinski plays guitar with Max Paradis on keys; Wladislaw Kazimovicz plays the trumpet; Todor Stoiczkow the bass and Krzysztof Grehuta, drums. This core group enlisted the help of fifteen additional musicians to finish their debut album. I II III was released in 2012. The recording was begun in Russia, finished in Ukraine and mixed in London by engineer Joe Hirst (dEUS, Ian Brown, Yasmin). The result is an album possessing international cachet and a global flare. With contributions from their musical friends who supplied the tunes with everything from trumpets and tubas to dulcimers and clarinets, the album has a sweeping sound and a broad appeal to fans of electronic music, pop, rock, even modern jazz. The album cover, made in Poland, adds further to the aura of a journey being embarked upon. It looks, feels and sounds like something that could have been conceived of on the Autobahn while dreaming of the Trans-European Express. It invites you to take a ride and you should.

Looking to the romance of days past is fine for creating atmosphere, but Dzierzynski Bitz are forward thinking always. They have their eyes on the road ahead. They want to bring the beat to the rest of Europe, beyond east and west. North and south as well. They've been as far as Poland but surely they can broaden their horizons further. The English-speaking world doesn't need to shy away from lyrics sung in another language. The international language of music speaks to you first, and besides, you know what these songs are about. You will if you listen.

I II III (2012)
"Podmoskovje  /  Vziat' Siloj" (2013)
"Den’ / Sex w ZSRR” (2010)



Learn More:

VIDEO: Scout Niblett, "Gun"

Ty Segall is Sleeping at the Wheel

SONG OF THE DAY: Hospital Ships, "If It Speaks"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

VIDEO: Hospital Ships, "Servants"

HOSPITAL SHIPS TOUR DATES (All dates with Appleseed Cast):
May 15th - San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill
May 16th - Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Bar
May 17th - Los Angeles, CA @ Undertow Living Room Show (purchase tickets for location)
May 18th - Costa Mesa, CA @ Detroit Bar
May 19th - San Diego, CA @ Casbah
May 20th - Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom
May 21st - Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
May 22nd - Amarillo, TX @ Undertow Living Room Show (purchase tickets for location)

Hospital Ships Online:

NEWS: Drag City to Release Andy Kaufman Comedy Album

From the Desk of Pitch Perfect PR


Andy Kaufman changed the worlds of comedy and performance in the 1970s, showing fans and friends alike a determination to follow put-ons into territory no one had ever even considered "comic" before. His fervor was so intense that when he passed away suddenly in 1984, it seemed as if the ultimate disappearing act had been staged; one that some people believe is still ongoing, with the reveal soon to come.

Among the many things that Andy achieved in his lifetime (and in the years following), a phonograph album release, the staple of stand-up comedians in his time, never happened - until now. Andy and His Grandmother is material never heard before, a skimming from 82 hours of micro-cassette tapes that Andy recorded during 1977-79. Andy regarded the micro-tape recorder as a fantastic new way of capturing his hoaxing, and carried it with him everywhere, for use at any given moment. Real life was the ultimate frontier for him, and these tapes demonstrate the heart of Andy's comedy. With gusto, he involves those closest to him, as well as total strangers, in put-ons, falsehoods and other provocations, pushing the limit on logic and emotional investment in everyday situations from the trivial to the deeply personal until any suspension of disbelief is out of the question for all involved, and everyone becomes fully immersed in whatever scenario Andy is suggesting as the new reality.

With so much material on hand, Drag City turned to a writer, producer and comedian whose resume indicated to us that he was a true child of Kaufman's twisted talent. Since the late 90s, Vernon Chatman's work has been experienced by television viewers and aficionados of South Park, Wonder Showzen, Xavier: Renegade Angel, The Heart She Holler, and Doggie Fizzle Televizzle, as well as fans of the Drag City DVD release Final Flesh. Vernon dug deeply into the tapes, working with editor Rodney Ascher (director of the notorious, controversial, and even acclaimed Room 237 documentary) to come up with a concept for a single LP that would include several dozen excerpts. Along the way, Vernon produced several tracks, adding effects to pieces that were clearly unfinished (in particular, "Sleep Comedy") and drafting SNL's Bill Hader to provide narration for the journey. The finished album, with liner notes from Vernon and Kaufman cohort Bob Zmuda is a work of comedy for our times - one that was performed over thirty years agoAndy And His Grandmother is out July 16th on Drag City.

1. Andy Is Making A Record
2. Andy And His Grandmother
3. Andy's Land Live
4. Andy Loves His Tape Recorder
5. Slice Of Life
6. Andy Goes To the Movies
7. Kick In the Pants
8. Andy Can Talk to Animals
9. I'm Not Capable Of Having A Relationship
10. Hookers
11. Andy And His Grandmother Go For A Drive
12. Sleep Comedy
13. [HONK] vs. [DOG] A
14. [HONK] vs. [DOG] B
15. Andy Goes For A Taxi Ride
16. Andy's English Friend Paul
17. I Want Those Tapes

VIDEO: "Immunity," John Hopkins

SONG OF THE DAY: "Iodine," When Saints Go Machine

NEW Adam Gnade Cassette Released!



Out now!

Adam Gnade & The Hot Earth All-Stars, AMERICANS (Blessing Force) deluxe cassette/download box-set

International orders listen/order here at Blessing Force

US orders here at Pioneers Press.

The result of an exhaustive week-long recording/writing binge, the songs on the Blessing Force-released AMERICANS range from ecstatic "talking-song" anthems carried along with soaring lap-steel and gospel backing vocals to hush-talked, noise-damaged, Gowns-ian goth-country bummers.

It's a lot crammed into six songs; a full deconstructed Americana revue based around three separate storylines (a companion to Gnade's forthcoming novel, Caveworld), complete with allusions to stripmalls, juggalos, Pretzel Time, the stars of NASCAR, humid nights, the Little Bighorn, children, the 2012 election, loan sharks, debt, watertowers, Indian reservations, big American cars, etc.

If Gnade's earlier solo folk recordings pioneered a kind of spoken trailerpark blues, the AMERICANS EP feels more like the stage-five tornado that destroys the whole trailerpark and gives way to new life amidst the ruins. Let's hear it for The New...

1. Hello America
2. The Whole Lonesome Thing
3. The Ballad of Tom Bluefeather
4. You Got Mean
5. Supper’s Waiting On The Table
6. This Is The End OF Something (But Its Not The End Of You)


ROCK SHOW: The Body @ The Bottle, Chicago Tonight

Chip "The Body" King
From the desk of Thrill Jockey:

Portland-based progenitors of aural horror The Body will play at The Empty Bottle this Tuesday, May 14th along with Masaki Batoh's Brain Pulse Music and Jason Ajemian & Michael Zerang. 

The Body recently released a new EP on At A Loss Recordings, and will soon be recording a new LP for release this fall on Thrill Jockey. 

Info and Tickets:

The Body music videos: 
"The Ebb and Flow of Tides in a Sea of Ash" -

More info

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cassette Review: Der Todesking, Real Bomb

Real Bomb Cassette [XO Tapes]
Named for the bleak as fuck German death flick in which a violent suicide or murder is depicted for each day of the ever-lovin' week, Der Todesking (Death King), let you know right up front just what kind of creeped out aesthetic they’re into. It’s horror-core punk rock with a real bummer edge. The Real Bomb cassette is nine songs of dirty grit, grime, knives, fire and flame. With screaming, growling vocals and nasty unpolished noise, D.T. get right up in your face with it. There's a nod to seminal SoCal hardcore band Black Flag in  “Playing with Knives” which has its own take on “Six Pack”:

“I’ve got a knife with nothing to do/I’ve got a knife and I don’t need you.” 

And “Arson” gives similar props to The Descendents' own “Suburban Home” and their desire to (not) be stereotyped and classified, thank you very much. Scary like punk rock usta was and should be again—J. Germ [Der Todesking]

Thursday, May 09, 2013


My roommate of many a year, Jim Fath, put out this compilation of local Chicago bands in 1993. It featured a lot of great underground Chicago bands. Some of these bands we knew and hung out with and some we knew but didn't hang out with and some we didn't know and didn't want to hang out with (and vice versa). It's a good document of that year in music. Some of the people in these bands you may have heard of, like AZITA, Fred Armisen, Wayne and Damon from The Eternals, Weasel Walter, Bobby Conn, etc. Anyway, this is my biased review of that record—not so much a review as a friggin' commercial for the thing, sorta like this introduction. Anyway:

Pressure Cooker (Furball Records)
A new record label can be likened to a spring seedling, struggling to push up through the unyielding soil. It is a hardship, and at times it may seem like a mission impossible, but the potential is great as is the reward. The potential to break through the surface and grow into something that is strong and beautiful is the inspiration and soon the seedling is seed no more as it bursts through the earth and into the warm sunlight, it is a sapling now, a sapling that can later give life of its own, reproduce, multiply like so many bunny rabbits in a small three by four foot chicken wire cage. But the competition may be great and the elements not to readily compromising. There may be a large oak tree looming overhead ready to suck up your sunlight, its thick roots fully prepared to slurp up your water supply and gobble up all nutrients from the soil. Only the strong survive and the weak perish under them unless they can somehow cut a deal with the strong and if you aren't a good bullshitter you can get buried by some big ugly oak tree that produces nothing but acorns and who the hell eats acorns except squirrels, and squirrels are really mean. Really nasty reviews don't help either.

Furball Records is one such sapling that has recently put out a 12 song compilation of underground Chicago talent. The CDs got a bunch of band's like Trenchmouth, Mama Tick, Wickerman, God Box, Hog Lady, Loud Lucy, Uptighty, Scissor Girls, Conduscent, Stumbleblock, Flying Luttenbockers, bands like that, in fact that's all the bands. Cake from Flipside called the compilation "incredible," "great stuff." Option noted that it "didn't contain any embarrassments." Alternative Press dissed it though, but they did so in a clever and witty way by completely missing the point of the liner notes. New City said the cover art is "tremendous", the best we've ever seen on any local compilation."

But what do they all know? Listen to your pal. Muggsy, he knows. This is a good solid comp. of your local scene, dude, buy it and support these bands and this label. Buy all local releases. Go to shows. I know there's a lot of bands that suck on the scene right now, but shit, look at the pop charts any day of the week. The charts are ruled by the talentless of our society. We need help. We need fresh blood.

Buy this CD, the guy at Furball owes me money–Muggsy McMurphy

2013 UPDATE: There's still a few copies of this comp. buried in the basement of the RoosterCow offices, so now you can buy a copy of your very own!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Another stupid movie parody found its way into the first issue of Reglar Wiglar in 1993. The actual review part was from a paper I turned in for a high school writing class a few years prior. I think I was supposed to write a review of the movie Out of Africa or some shit, but that flick was just way too fuckin' boring for me to remember any of, let alone write a review of. So now you gotta suffer just like my poor old writing teacher did back in the day. Ha! You deserve it!:


Greetings fellow movie buffs and cinematic connoisseurs. I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you my humble opinions of some of the latest theater releases. Remember, three years of film school doesn't make me an expert, it just makes me more qualified than you—B.S. Brown

I Will Kill You Many Times

Directed by Charles Chinook; Screenplay by Randomword Choyce; Produced by Mickey Battaglia. An I Will Kill You Productions release. Running time: 80 minutes. Rating: R; language, sexual situations, decapitations.

The Cast
Jennie McFarlan...............................Jeannie McDugan
Bobby Baker.................................................Ryan Judd
Joey Baker...................................................Peter Thane
Brenda Sue..............................................Peggy Jackson

If you only see one movie this summer, please, take my advice and avoid I Will Kill You Many Times. It's long, it's gaudy, it's overdone, tasteless, poorly directed, poorly acted and very overrated.

I wasn't surprised to be disappointed in this film. I was surprised to be disappointed in the actors (the director, Charles Chinook, is consistently disappointing so this came as no surprise). Jeanie McDugan, who plays the role of Jeanie McFarlan, has always been a fine actress. I have been following her career since it began five years ago with her first role in I Will Kill You. However, in this particular film (tenth in the series) her character came off as weak and tired. The name she carved out for herself in the Hollywood horror industry as the quintessential "helpless and submissive female" has been shamed by her current work in I Will Kill You Many Times. I used to think that Jeannie was the best screamer in the business. In her second feature role (I Will Kill You Twice), she screamed and shrieked so beautifully, it sent shivers down my spine. Her performance in this flop was truly embarrassing. When Frankie, the demented and mutated mass murderer, stabbed Jeannie in the eye with the fondue fork, she gave such a half-hearted, luke warm yelp of pain that the immortal Freddy Krueger would have laughed his face off.

Frankie (who play himself) was equally disappointing. No one but Jason could wield an axe like Frankie could back in the day, yet in this movie I almost got the impression that he didn't even want to kill those school children. He even looked remorseful at having decapitated that elderly woman. I fear that our blood thirsty amigo may be getting a little soft.

I once felt that Jeannie McDugan and Frankie were the best acting duo in cinematic horror. These two thespians had the power to create big screen magic that both appalled and involved their audience. They were truly, and I say this without pretension, the Bogey and Bacall of low budget horror films.

As for the directing, jeeeeesh! I'm sure Charles Chinook was stewed to the gills for the majority of the filming. I went to undergrad school with Charles back East in the late 70s and believe me the only talent that man has is for sucking down whiskey sours until last call.

More bothered me about this movie that just the bad acting and directing. I got the feeling from this movie that it was rushed through, that they were on a tight budget and that the money just ran out. I got the impression that the producers only goal with this film was to compete in the sequels war and focus more on producing high qaulity horror movies that provide educational as well as cultural and philosophical ideals, and not just another splatter flick. Remember this is just one crusty old movie critics opinion (if you can call thirty-five old) but I think that filmakers today, more than ever, have not just a cinematic responsibility to their audiences, but a social responsibility as well. Horror films are excellent vehicles for promoting the kind of "Say NO to Drugs and Sex" values that we want to inflict upon our children (even though they never worked for our generation). Maybe I am getting old, but I don't appreciate the gratuitous sex scenes in this latest I Will Kill You film. I have a two year old and a three year old and I have to admit watching that rape scene with my kids in the theater was a little embarrassing. I think three or four scenes of full frontal nudity and kinky sexual situations is more than adequate for an eighty minute film. Anything more detracts from the plot and sends the wrong message to our children. And the references to drugs? They have no place in 90s cinema. Cheech and Chong went up in smoke years ago. Sure, it's funny when Freddy asks Bobby Baker (Ryan Judd) if he wants to get "stoned" right before he drops a two ton rock on his head, but is this what we are trying to teach our children? Drugs are funny? Just drop the rock, Frankie, and save the snappy one liners for Andrew Dice Clay.

Hopefully, the next I Will Kill You film tentatively titled: I Will Kill You Many, Many Times will regain the integrity and pride lost in this film, but as Frankie once advised one of his drowning murder victims, "Don't hold your breath."