War on two fronts

Message Left On My Cell Phone

Rush Limbaugh vs. Gibby Haynes!

Clerics on the radio(!)

Rev. Ted Haggard's (REAL) Myspace page!!!

Blog entry!

Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

Iggy + the Stooges' concert rider contract thing!

Americans use Nielsen Ratings to Give Referendum on Torture

"Happiness Runs" by Donovan on a cereal commercial

Lamb of God

RIP: Elvis Presley's Teddy Bear

Don't Call Me Bro

Dissin' On the Groove (1989)

Creator of the Philly cheesesteak dies

Reglar Wiglar dot Blogspot dot Com


Ivory Coast Blues

Preznit Bush's bestest accomplishment.

Do Zombies Have Noses?

White Bred & Honky MC

Zines for Amoeba petition!

Sophisticated, Powerful Drummer Sought

List of Fictional Dogs!

Fast Food 101

EXCLUSIVE!!! : "Jandek on Corwood Easter Egg featuring Paul Johnson in a Reglar Wiglar t-shirt" activation instructions


Web Site Down!

This is a test.

NEW! Record Reviews

"HOW Y'ALL FEEL TOOOONIGHT? I wanna know... how many people here tonight LIKE THE TASTE OF ALCOHOL! COME ON PITTSBURGH, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!!"

R.I.P. Pig Champion

From the 'Where Are They Now?' file

ONE WORD RECORD REVIEWS from Reglar Wiglar #21, translated into Spanish and back into English by!

It's 2006 People, Wake Up!