Santa Claus is coming to town...

Two old drunks with micophones

Finally, the REAL story!

Legendary Feats of Athletic Greatness

What Ever Happened to John Crawford?

Sly Fox Foiled for Second Fudge

Good question!

Coming soon to the right-wing lecture circuit! Co-headlining with Carrie Prejean!

Never gonna give you up!

This Week In Illegal Downloading

Nomura's Revenge!

Real Life Super Hero #2

What SuperJail is Like

Real Life Super Hero #1

Reglar Wiglar Record Reviewers

Zine Review: Xerography Debt #25

Indisputable Facts

Self Love is a Beautiful Thing.

Reglar Wiglar Economic Survival Guide

From the Archives: All American Rejects

From the Archives: Fallout Boy

For T.R. Miller Scholars only!

T.R. Miller Interview from 1996

Reglar Wiglar CD Review: Famous Basements

A-Hole Season starts early this year.

M.O.T.O. Moves On

When the Apocalypse Comes

Classic Albums

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Big weekend for Rowdy Roddy Piper

Reglar Wiglar Review: The Mapes/World War IX split 7"

"The dopest Gathering in history!"

And then in the summertime such extreme summertime about a hundred and fifty degrees hotter than just some months ago, than just some months from now,



Have a beer, Yowch!

Hello Big Willy

We endorse the Free Rom the Spaceknight! Petition to Hasbro, Inc..

Hotties of 80s Sitcoms: Estelle Getty

Hold on to your asses! The Neo-Mofo Revial of 2009 is here

Happy Birthday U.S.A.!

"Bird Collision" by Chicago's Soft Targets

Welcome to The Reglar Wiglar

Hotties of 80s Sitcoms: Lisa Bonet


Hotties of 80s Sitcoms: Justine Bateman

300th Post!

Gary Panter interview at Comics Comics

Jay Reatard Tweets on Twitter


Reglar Wiglar Comic Review: Killing Time Before the Party: Comics About Playing in a Band by People who Play in Bands

The Reglar Wiglar Record Review of Let the Dominoes Fall by Rancid!


The Reglar Wiglar Record Review of "Chinese Democracy" by Guns N. Roses

It pays the bills

I'm sort of shocked

Something for the Small Business Owners out there...

Reglar Wiglar's Top 100 Greatest Moments in Rock and Roll Music History: #100

Reglar Wiglar Now Fully Kraeusened


Hotties of 80s Sitcoms: Estelle Getty

I hope they play "Purple Hays"!

BREAKING SCANDAL: President puts spicy mustard on burger

Classic Albums

Big in Duluth

D.O.A., cont'd


Classic Albums

Deep thought

Old School Information Storage

Not sure.

Great Painting of Barack Obama

Mike Wing says, "This is a great band on a great show!"

Crybaby Beck

Monkey Mad!

D. Rider - Mother of Curses: The Reglar Wiglar Record Review

Obama Slams Special Needs Children

Happy St. Pat's Day, morans.

Reglar Wiglar's Favorite Irish Pubs

Classic Albums

Some thing(s) I (found) today

I've got a better idea

More inoffensive political cartoons

Pancake Patron Pushes Paris's Sib and Pays

Bastige Von Curr's Tips on Proper Phone Etiquette

RNC Chair Steele: GOP Needs "Hip Hop" Makeover "Fa-shizzle"

Black Flag Hair. Warning: Pretty Rad

Hotties of 80s Sitcoms: Liz and Jean Sagal

Happy Valentine's Day, Cocksuckers.

Happy Birthday Jerry Springer, Henry Rollins, Sigmar Polke, etc!

Happy Birthday Tim Davison of Chicago IL

Excellent Manowar Article

sssnakes!!! in Roctober

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A Message From the President of the United States of America

Now that's more like it!

Hotties of 80s Sitcoms: Marissa Tomei

Classic Albums

Ground Hog's Day, Bitches!

Pizza Ass (1994)

Hotties of 80s Sitcoms: Alyssa Milano

Super Bowl 43

Are You A Total Dickhead?

Reglar Wiglar CD Review: Cool Devices

Reglar Wiglar Comic Review: Slap in the Face: My Obsession with G.G. Allin

The DLR Part 2

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A Record Review by Dunc the Punk