Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ten last names of people I went to grade school withthat would be plausible Chicago 'post-rock' band names

1. Lyter
2. Camacho
3. Carlson
4. Kanofsky
5. Gorman
6. Beers
7. Syed
8. Rock
9. Leske
10. Seidlitz


Office Manager said...

I went to school with a guy whose real name is Ronnie Anger. That's pretty punk rock, donch' think?

Here me I am write said...

It sounds pretty punk, but I will go to my grave holding the opinion that "punk rock" should never, ever, ever be used as an adjective.

P.S. The topic is post-rock names.

Office Manager said...

Will you be going to your grave anytime soon? Anyhoo, I went to grade school with a nerdy kid named Slinty McTortoise. Now that is post-rock!

Shipping / Receiving said...

Can someone please 'splain me the reasoning behind the post-rock=nerdy meme.
I mean, I don't imagine Dave Pajo has a hard time getting laid whenever he wants to, for instance.

Shipping / Receiving said...

I've picked "Donch Think" as my new punk name.
And the word verification codes on this comment thingy make for better band names than the list I originally made up. If I had to guess, I'd say Kotshlbo rocks more than Camacho.

Shipping / Receiving said...

New list:
1. Uxeac
2. Swulmv
3. Sxnbo
4. Tdamohwd
5. Pgowow
6. Twibo
7. Eapjuzwt
8. Bpeuz
9. Zbokf
10. Jropsej

Anonymous said...

I saw Twibo at the Empty Bottle last year. They opened for Hlyggikl (I think their from Norway). They were pretty boring. Like Zbokf but without the mandolin section.