Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Muggsy's Rock Pick: Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, The Numerators, Street Rash @ The Burlington, 3425 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Muggsy remembers watching the television program, Twin Peaks, back in 1990 (or whenever it was on) and being pretty freaked out in good way. Same thing here.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music Review: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Ripley Pine
[Ba Da Bing]
Lady Lamb is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill apiarist. She is not always gentle like a lamb. She sometimes has bees in her bonnet which she unleashes in small swarms, always at a fitting time when she can deliver the best sting, sweet as honey. As if Aly Spaltro (as Lady Lamb is also known) wasn't a precious enough name for the young singer/songwriter, her adopted moniker certainly suggests something playful and innocent, but her youthful looks belie a soulful voice that sounds an age beyond her 23 years.

The background story is that Lady Lamb began writing and recording songs after hours at the DVD rental store where she worked in Brunswick, Maine. She sold these recordings at the record store next door under the Lady Lamb pseudonym. From that beginning, here we are. This is Aly's first full-length foray and it's pretty fabulous and packed with great songs that are emotionally powerful and driven and showcase an admirable level of lyrical virtuosity.

To be dragged by the hair to the carnival is a strange enough way to travel. Even so, “Hair to the Ferris Wheel” gives a rousing start to a record that never stops spinning. The song starts slow but amps up quickly with a driving drum beat and strummingly loud guitars. "Aubergine" is a leg-kicking tune with fired up horns that build up big only to fall down and start all over again. It's about absence making the heart grow, not fonder, but hollow like an "egg without a yolk". "Bird Balloons" gets Lady Lamb popping with Bjork-like bleats; “I’m a ghost and you all know it”. "Rooftop" delivers as a standout track of guitar with gumption and violin and vocals that soar and tumble down.

Ripley Pine is as strong a twelve song effort as I've heard. It fluctuates between half full and full on while pontificating in the abstract about universal subjects. It lays in the cut at the right times only to hit full force with the backing of a full-band. Shear sheepy brilliance. Baah, rah rah—Chris Auman

The Woodrows: Snake in the Grass

The Woodrows: Snake in the Grass: Snake in the Grass (RoosterCow) 1980 Trust me, you don't wanna be hangin' out in the Woodrows' backyard! Twenty-five ...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Song of the Day: King Tuff, "Dancing on You"

Video: Carmen Villain, "Easy"

What's the Point, Purling Hiss?

Photo by Tim Bugbee
Occasionally, Reglar Wiglar Magazine asks a band, artist or musician: What’s it all about? What's the point and why go on? This week we ask Philly's  purveyors of audio sibilation, PURLING HISS: 

What’s it all about?

We are doing a 2 week tour to the Midwest including Madison and Chicago. Then a month in Europe in May. All our dates are listed here.

What’s the point?

We have a new record on Drag City that just came out in March. It's called Water on Mars and it's our first release with the label. Also the first studio album with a full band.

Why go on?

We'll continue to support the album by touring throughout the year.

Purling Hiss, Tee Pee, Axis:Sova @ Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL

Purling Hiss, Claps, Spires that in the Sunset Rise @ UW Memorial Union, 800 Langdon, Madison, WI

The Woodrows: The Woodrow's Punk Rock Hygiene Kit

The Woodrows: The Woodrow's Punk Rock Hygiene Kit

Monday, April 08, 2013

What's the Point, Sentinels?


Occasionally, Reglar Wiglar Magazine asks a band, artist or musician: What’s it all about? What's the point and why go on? This week we ask Chicago Guardians of Rock, Sentinels:

What’s it all about?

Parlour is a neighborhood tavern in North Andersonville, GLBT-owned and operated, that features DJs weekly and live music monthly (2nd Saturdays). Near Clark and Devon, great place!

What’s the point?

Playing out songs from our first full length Music of the Pleistocene as well as prepping new songs for Spring recording with Kris Poulin. Featuring our new-ish drummer Michael Nicasio!

Why go on?

To quote Joe Strummer, "You've got to do what you can do as long as you can do it." Second full length will be out before 2013 is through! 

Sentinels @ Parlour, 6341 N. Clark, Chicago, IL

Friday, April 05, 2013

I Hate Bands

Muggsy hates bands, what with their smug attitudes and rebellious hairstyles—bands make Muggsy want to gag and puke. This includes all bands: punk rock, metal, techno synth, pre-post hardcore, emo (especially emo) but especially boy bands. If you hate bands as much as me, you'll want to buy this t-shirt to show your solidarity with me. Do it!

The Woodrows: Woodrow Quickies: "Hey Toby!"

The Woodrows: Woodrow Quickies: "Hey Toby!"


Movie Review: 
The Adventures of Jim Bob and Pencilneck

Published in RW #1, this review was of a fake movie about two moronic Midwestern teenagers. The movie was based on a screenplay I wrote for a screenwriting class at Columbia College, which in turn was based on a very stupid story I had actually started writing four years before that. It was an attempt at humor which failed. You see, the critic in this instance is a film school dropout who has his head so far up his own ass, he doesn't realize that he has mistaken a comedy for a serious drama. He even accuses the intentionally absurd film of being pretentious. This is of course laughable, because the reviewer is actually the pretentious one in this situation. The fact that this needs to be pointed out means, quite simply, that this bit missed its mark by a country mile. Ironically, however, The Adventures of Jim Bob and Pencilneck is now an Internet sensation and will someday be made into a major motion picture thus bringing the whole stupid mess full circle. Sure it will.

The Adventures of Jim Bob and Pencilneck 

Review by P.C. Jones

Directed by Maggie Zeen; Screenplay by Jeremiah T. Johnson; Produced by Ricky Douglas and James Farrel. A Cheesetown Pictures release. Rated PG-17: absurd situations and silly language

The Cast 
Jim Bob.................................................Corey McBain Pencilneck.............................................Josh Roberts Keemo..................................................Vince Tucker
Truck Stop Hooker.....................................Avon LaShelle

The Adventures of Jim Bob and Pencilneck, to be quite frank, is a piece of shit as far as a movie goes. Maybe as a propaganda film for the culturally retarded it is a masterpiece, but I don't think so. I think the writing is what doomed this project from the beginning. I don't think a more pretentious movie could have been made in a Wicker Park coffee shop. Lines such as "Gee, Jim Bob, you wanna go drinkin' down Millerfog's Road?" peppered this nasty film about two shiftless rednecks who take to the road in search of fame and fortune as professional criminals.

The film was directed by Maggie Zeen, who as her past directing record will indicate is capable of producing high quality work (Love Nest, When Bob Met Lenny), but with this film she falls a little shy of quality and originality—about a hundred yards or so. What I thought was supposed to be a movie depicting the emotional relationship between two young men on the highway of life, struggling with their inner selves and finding the best in the human spirit, turned out to be a complete farce. The movie was actually laughable. I felt sorry for screenwriter, Jeremiah T. Johnson, I wasn't the only one laughing either, the whole theater was crying they were laughing so hard. Granted, Jeremiah T. (let's not forget the T for Terrible) Johnson does have somewhat of an ear for the redneck dialect, but that's probably because he is one which is hardly an excuse. If the writing/directing team of Maggie Zeen and Johnson is not terminated immediately, I don't think that either one of them will be able to salvage their careers, especially after this nasty little film.

The Adventures of Jim Bob and Pencilneck left such a bad taste in my mouth, a fifth of Wild Turkey couldn't rid me of its bitter remnants. Come to think of it, most of the movies I've seen lately really sucked donkey. I don't think there is a good quality director out there these days that can do justice to the trash the writers are churning out. What is wrong with film schools these days? I think I dropped out a year too early to save the world from this barrage of garbage. My apologies to an embittered cinematic nation.

My apologies to EVERYONE—Chris Auman 2013

Muggsy's Rock Pick: Acid Baby Jesus

Flippin' off the Acropolis is punk fucking rock.
Acid Baby Jesus @ Permanent Records, 1914 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL

First the Greeks gave us Democracy and then, flash forward a billion years, Acid Baby Jesus. Yay Greece!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Reglar Wiglar Indie Band Naming Guide


After 1,000 years of rock and roll, it’s getting harder and harder to come up with unique and clever band names. Use this handy Reglar Wiglar Band Naming Guide to help you and your scruffy indie rock pals name your new project:

Wavves, photo by Don Perry

To give your band that clever twist (and to help you search for yourself on Google) try introducing a few extra consonants or vowels into an otherwise ordinary noun. Where? Anywhere! This method expands on the popular one-word band names of the nineties by giving it a 21st century twiist.


Stadiium, Tooothbrush, Clevver

NOT the Beetles

Purposely misspell your band name with a wink and a nod to the kids. This technique (or gimmick) sends the message: “Yeah, we know it’s spelled wrong, we did that on purpose. We could give a flying fuck what the grammarians think. They’re too old to understand anyway."

Magic is a good word to use and it also incorporates TIP #3: Use the Word Magic in Your Band Name. Try pairing that word up to modify an ordinary household object, like a toaster:


Maggikk Toaster

Magik Markers, photo by Rebecca Smeyne

This is pretty self-explanatory: take the word "magic" and stick it in your band name. Anywhere. Also works with "crystal".


Magick Muffin
Krystal Bookcase


Alt-J, photo by Jory Cordy
Why not try adding a keyboard command or short-cut into the mix. You can use a straight-up PC command:


or for Mac:


WARNING: Mac users: make sure you save any changes before attempting to use this one!

Here's a particularly awesome keyboard command name:


which renders this little baby right here:


Deer hooves, Deer Hoof

OK, this one may be a bit played out at this point, but some people haven’t gotten the memo yet, so if you are an animal lover, we say go for it.

A good trick is to pick an animal and then incorporate an animal body part.

Use this diagram:

[your favorite animal] + [body part]

For example: Giraffe + Neck = Giraffe Neck i.e. great band name!


Now that we've given you some good tips to get started, you can experiment with your own band names. Let us know what you come up with and don't be afraid to try them all on the same awesome band name:


Maggik Krystal Horsse Ballls ;]

Have fun!

Muggsy's Rock Pick: Metal Alliance III Tour

In the beginning, there was hair.
Metal Alliance III featuring Anthrax, Exodus, High on Fire, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail @ 1st Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN

Muggsy's dear old Granny McMurphy warned young Muggsy back in '85, that when The  Metal allied three times, that would signal the apocalypse. Well...

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Video: Standish/Carlyon, "Deleted Scenes"


RW #1 was the first appearance of the insanely popular "One Word Record Reviews" made famous by Joey T. Germ (also making his first appearance in print). As a side note, about half of the bands, records and record labels mentioned below never existed. (Except for the Woodrows, of course, they totally exist.)

Joey Germ's

Hey, I'm a minimalist. Why mince words when saying petty, vindictive things, or nice ass-kissey things about an artist and their work? One word can often sum up our feelings about someone or something whether we like or no like. It worked for our hairy, cave-dwelling ancestors didn't it? Sure it did.

Nirvana—In Utero (DGC)


The WoodrowsBeer, Brats and Broads (Woodrow Hill)


Noodle Cruncher/Pole SmokerGod Only Knows split EP (RoosterCow)


Teenaged Tyrants—"I'll Have You Yet" b/w "Naked Frisbee" 7" (Really Rad)


Monster MagnetSuperjudge (A&M)


SebadohBubble and Scrape (Sub Pop)


Stone Temple PilotsCore (Atlantic)

Pearl Jamesque (it's a word).

Steel Pole BathtubMiracle of Sound in Motion (Boner)


Radioactive HermitsAll You Lovely People (Metalli-Sized)


Sin Nation SinsationWelcome to the Sin Nation (Metalli-Sized)

Really blows! (sorry)

Muggsy's Rock Pick: Divine Fits

Divine Fits, Spl:t S:ngle @ The Majestic, 115 King St., Madison, WI

In my search for Spl:t S:ngle, Google gave me one of these "showing the results for split single".

Don't you get indie irony, Google?

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Music Review: MERCURY REV, Boces, RW #1, 1993

The first appearance of a young Muggsy McMurphy. This review was published in Reglar Wiglar #1 in 1993. By Reglar Wiglar and Muggsy McMurphy standards, this review was epic in length. Record reviews would never be this long again. In 2013, a much older Muggsy winces at his gushing fanboy praise and unjaded enthusiasm. That enthusiasm and spirit for writing about music would soon be crushed forever.

Boces (Columbia)
I am not a fact checker for several reasons, laziness being the biggest one with apathy running a very close second. What I know of Mercury Rev is that they are five persons who formed a band in Buffalo, New York about three years ago and that they named said band, Mercury Rev for whatever reason inspired them at the time. Since their inception and even before they could put out their first record, guitarist Jonathan "Dingus" Donahue took an 18 month sojourn to God-knows-where to record and tour with the Flaming Lips, whose In a Priest Driven Ambulance album was produced by Rev bassist Dave Fridmann. With Donahue's return to his former band, came the release of Yerself is Steam which is 90% ass kickin. The Flaming Lips managed to use Donahue for two more albums and Mercury Rev used him for one more, the recently released Boces, which as far as I can tell is Secob spelled backwards. Boces is 95% really cool.

The most economical way to describe Boces is: ten songs of varying length. However, being unemployed allows me the luxury of being a little more gracious with my praise; these guys are fab, hip and fairly rad.

Boces starts with "Meth of a Rockette's Kick" which is an epic song reminding me in some strange way of Lou Reed's Street" Hassle", not so much in content but in narrative structure. Whoah! But all analyzation aside, listen to this song after a blunt and you just might lose your mind for ten minutes and 28 seconds.

"Bronx Cheer" is the hook hit of the record and it's a good one, it is, dare I say it: cute. I've seen the video on the mostly impotent Alternative Nation and it was quite groovy. "Downs are Feminine Balloons" and "Snorry Mouth" are a couple other extra long songs that pop brain cells with no prejudice.

If you like the Flaming Lips you are sure to groove on this, it is very similar. Drug references and psychedelic lyrics and everything else is the very obvious comparison (but let us not endorse such activities in a public forum). The guitar work is a little less crazed than Wayne Coyne's or Donahue's when he's with the Lips but more controlled guitar playing inhibits them not, my friends, it's still cerebellum toaster quality. There are also more backing vocals and crazy flipped out flutes and horns and shit like that with Mercury Rev for which I am a sucker. And if you like women's breasts you will no doubt enjoy the promo poster that accompanies the first album. Boobs seem to Be a long-standing theme in a comparatively short career for Mercury Rev. One of the memberS of Mercury Rev is a woman so don't you be so quick to call them pigs, besides, like Playboy pictorials, the covers are done very tastefully and no compromising positions are assumed.

In essence, I think the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev should not be viewed as simply two bands that sound a lot like each other, but rather, view them as two sister bands seeking to do the same thing with their music which is? I will not be so presumptuous. Buy everything they've done and do in the future and you will have invested wisely in some seriously, beautifully strange stuff–Muggsy McMurphy


Muggsy's Rock Pick: The Rocket Summer

Staring too long at this hairstyle can cause blindness.
The Rocket Summer, Joe Brooks, Royal Teeth, Tidewater @ Subterranean, 2011 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL

I'm feeling lazy today, so I'm just gonna dip back into the archives and pull this quote out from I. Frank's 2005 Reglar Wiglar review of The Rockets Summer's record Hello, Good Friend

"This sounds like a young Richard Simmons singing over bouncy guitar and piano pop."

Yes, this pop is very easy to please. 

Monday, April 01, 2013

20th Anniversary of Reglar Wiglar Magazine!

RW #1, 1993
To say that since the Reglar Wiglar's inception in 1993, the world has become a much different place, would be an understatement. To say that the world has become a much different place because of the Reglar Wiglar is a much larger understatement. With the exception of, perhaps the Internet, maybe Bieber—no form of entertainment has done more to change the way we think about music, fashion, culture, religion, technology, politics, and our own sad lives than the twenty-one printed issues and the eight subsequent years of poignant bloggery provided heretofore by this aforementioned publication. To celebrate this historic feat of achievement, we here at the Reglar Wiglar, are going to pull out all the stops with a series of blog posts, status updates and assorted tweets and "likes". This may continue for weeks.

All that will kick off tomorrow. At some point. Probably.