10 Most Awesomely Great New VH1 Shows!

You won't believe the new batch of shows VH1 has cooked up for viewers this Fall. Check it out!

1) Baddest '80s Hotties

2) America's Next Washed Up Has Beens and Never Was Gonna Be's

3) Hollywood's Skankiest Babes

4) 100 Most Awesome-ist Cheesy So-Bad-They're-Good Power Ballads

5) Unfunny D-List Celebrity "Commedians" Remember Insignificant Moments in Pop Culture History Like They Happened Yesterday

6) The Not So Fabulous Life of Fluffers

7) Rolling Stone Magazine's Rob Sheffield's Most Cringe-Inducing, Unfunny Comments About Celebrities He Probably Would Kill to Have Sex With

8) Remember Slinkies? Slinkies Were Cool--Hosted by Henry Rollins

9) I Love the 20s!

10) 100 Most Outrageous Moments We Couldn't Get Permission to Show (Even Though Viacom Owns Everything) But We Have Some Stock Footage of Other Stuff, So Watch That While We Talk About What We Can't Show You


Anonymous said…
I've seen the Rollins one. It's pretty bad ass. He had Nick Tosches and Thurston Moore on last week.