Sunday, April 27, 2014

ZINE REVIEW: Travel On #5

Letters, remember them? Of course you don’t. We don’t write them any more, but we used to. We used to put these lickable little squares called "stamps" on ‘em and then this thing called the Post Office would deliver them for you. To wherever you wanted.  You used to love getting them and hate writing them if they were to thank someone for a gift. You had to sit down and summarize your life. You had to think about it longer than the time it takes to fart out a tweet or a status update. If you liked something you might have to commit a whole paragraph to it instead of clicking on a little icon of a thumb pointing upward.

Well, this lost art isn’t lost on David Solomon as he seems to have a number of pen pals with whom he corresponds. His letters make up much of the fifth issue of Travel On along with a few vignettes and literary tidbits. David works for National Park Service in a job that has him traveling to various woodsy, secluded and mountainous areas of the country that few civilians will ever see. It sounds idyllic yet pretty difficult as well, but it also seems to allow for plenty of time for self reflection and the creation of zines like this one.  Buy Travel On #5 at David's Esty Store!Chris Auman

ZINE REVIEW: Alive With Vigor

Surviving Your Adventurous Lifestyle
Compiled by Rob Sutter III [Microcosm]

Alive with Vigor is like a compilation of advice columns that dispense nuggets of wisdom on a range of topics from medical issues to dating and personal finance. That's pretty much half the internet right there, but the internet won't give you all this valuable information in the form of a really cool looking zine, will it? No, it won't.

Although the purpose of this book is to help people survive an "adventurous lifestyle," there isn’t a whole lot in here that isn’t universal: constipation, diarrhea, autoimmune disorders, breast cancer and abusive relationships can effect anyone regardless of their lifestyle, but the intended audience are those people that are, perhaps, on the fringe of society: the punkers, the transgendered, the outcasts (both willing and unwilling), the renegades, the rebels, etc. This book is for them.

Contributors to Alive with Vigor include Joe Biel, Buck Angel, Ayun Halliday and Rob Sutter III (who put this guide together) and a host of other folks who are into the DIY spirit and living an alternative lifestyleChris Auman