Friday, September 11, 2009

From the Archives: All American Rejects

Recently, whilst digging around in the Reglar Wiglar archives (eeew, so dusty!) we unearthed this review of All American Reject's self-titled 2003 album:

The All American Rejects (Dog House)
I hope these guys don't think that their self-deprecating band name will save them from the wrath of the Reglar Wiglar Record Reviewers. That would be a mistake. As it turns out, I'll be leaving the name alone in order to concentrate on some other particulars. The AARs are a pair of Okie songwriters who write over-produced pop songs containing the always-threatened "infectious melodies." It's basically Weezer without the rock (I was gonna say without the balls but that didn't sound right). Possibly teenage girls will get into this, but probably not the teenage boys and certainly not old burnt-out hipsters (myself being included among the later)–P.C. Germ

Boy, have those fella's proved Mr. P.C. Jones wrong! The Rejects are frickin' huge!

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