Monday, September 28, 2009

Reglar Wiglar Record Reviewers

Here are just a few of the individuals who have written record reviews for the Reglar Wiglar in the past ten or so years.

Bow Diddley
Jimminy Van Tuffet
Pig Patterson
Sneaky Petes
The Puzzler
Jake the Two-Eyed Snake
Slinky Bob
Bobby Neil
Office Manager
Steve Stoned
Rick Pencilman, Rock and Roll Dad
S.B. Sweaty
Captain Krunch
Goose Neck
The Kid
B.S. Brown
Jayne Wayne
Muggsy McMurphy
Slim Jim
Joey T. Germ
Jose Germcia
Don Rumsfeld
Al Gore
Tom "Tearaway" Schulte
Malcolm Tent
P.C. Jones
Irresistible Frank
Buzzard Brown
Sloppy Seconds
Country Joe McDonald's
The Turkey Slayer
Record Reviewer
Frankie The Boot
P. Wolfowitz
Sam Doodle
Larry "Burger" King
Boogada Boogada Boogada
Jasper Maltby
Pope "Lil' John" Paul
Whoratio Alger
Snappy Jim
Sasquatch Jim
Private Chomps
Donkey Man
Dick Cheney
T. Bone
Ken Snow
Jack Cracknuts
Soggy Sprinkles
Don Cheeto
Thee Brat
Grover Cleveland
Oliver Trask
Jack the Dandy
Condi Rice
Jimmy Jangle
Andre Salmon
Frosty O
I.C. London
Tweedle Dee
Count Von Blowenstein
Axl Pose
Sgt. Chomps
Sherlock Homey
Billy Neil
J. Ashcroft
Otis E. Lee
Gee Whiz
Drunk Bill
Smooth Daddy
The Lopper
Duane Lee Hobbes
P.C. Germ
Toad Anderson
Tarja Halonen
Tony Blair
Sloppy Bill
AutoReviewer 2000
Grandpa Pete
Jimmy the Geek
Joey Ferret
B. Urlacher
Ace of Space
Earl Spankins
N. Ron Hubbard
Johnny Suck
Jim Willy Jr.

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