Bastige Von Curr's Tips on Proper Phone Etiquette

Counter Service

Whether you are ordering a hamburger from a fast-food restaurant or simply buying an energy drink at your corner convenience mart, it's totally ok to be blabbing on your cell phone the entire time. If the counter person or clerk actually has the gall to try to ask you a question while you're on the phone, or to inform you of the price, you should be more than a little annoyed. Apologize to whomever it is you are talking: "I'm sorry could you hold on a second? I have to give some a-hole my order." Your insipid conversation about nothing at all with your equally vacuous colleague trumps any conversation, transaction or interaction you may be having in the "real world."

The views of Bastige Von Curr, as right-on as they may be, do not reflect the views of the Reglar Wiglar, even though you would think they do since we are the ones publishing them in this forum, but you know, we gotta say they're not for some reason. At least this is what our lawyer, Jim Willy, Jr., Esq, has advised us to say.


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