Monday, July 20, 2009


(promoted from the comments)
[T]here's a rapumetary called Beef that's running on cable tv's Fuse channel. It presents the 411 on various disagreements between hip-hop artists. In the 'N.W.A vs. Ice Cube' segment, Ice Cube prevails, delivering the death blow w/ "No Vaseline", which is arguably the greatest musical composition of all time. As a communicative piece, the song's message ("Y'all niggas can't fuck wit Ice Cube") affected to a real-world reality, unlike, say "We Are the World" or "Give Peace a Chance".
The show also features a nifty editing trick to take care of interviewee's profanity without resorting to bleeping out every motherkcufing 4-letter word.

N.W.A - with no period after the A - is the correct way to write it, according to the group's very own logo, also.

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Ice Cubes said...

Only a Sucka MC would watch believe this shit.