Friday, June 05, 2009

Reglar Wiglar Comic Review: Killing Time Before the Party: Comics About Playing in a Band by People who Play in Bands

This forty page comic compilation features, as the subtitle suggests, comics contributions by people who play in bands. Featuring twenty-two collaborators, Killing Time details the joys and pains of a life in rock and roll. We're not talking about a Van Halen/Aerosmith, rich-as-fuck lifestyle mind you, but rather a hand-to-mouth, labor of love existence stuck to underbelly of the underground. Publisher Justin Melkmann was inspired to produce this comic after making the connection that people who play in bands must also possess talent in other artistic areas and no doubt made comics like himself. Melkmann relates anecdotes of his time in NYC punk band World War IX. Abby Denson (Liberteens, Girlymen, etc) turns in "Bass Mistress" a comic about her love affair with the bass guitar. Other notable contributions include an an illustrated European tour diary of the band Nightingales by Christy Edwards; punk rock drummer/cartoonist Brian Walsby dispels the myth of being a punk rock drummer/cartoonist and Sergio Zuniga provides us with the violent yet humorous "I'm in a Band" comic about the perils of rockin' out. Cover price is $3. Contact Justin at Check out

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