Music Review: Vernon Selavy

Stressed Desserts Blues (Shit Music.../Azbin)
Vernon Sélavy is the brainchild of Turin-based musician, Vincenzo Marando. The Italian singer/ guitarist/songwriter is somewhat of a human ShamWow when it comes to Amercian music—he seems to have soaked up twenty times his weight in old records, then wrung them out into his own songs of lost love and redemption. Channeling blues, 60s R&B and elements of southern gospel, Marando, via Vernon SéLavy, gives us Stressed Desserts Blues, nine tracks of stripped down picking, plucking, strumming and crooning. From the slightly sad swing of “The Way it Goes”, to the rueful “All The Sinners Burn” and the aching “Ballad of the Empty Hands,” Marando lets his influences and love for America's musical past flow like spilt wine into the shag carpet of the soul—Shroudy O'Turin [Vernon Sélavy]

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