Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Review: Ty Segall

Twins (Drag City)
Ty Segall puts out lot’s of records and plays in bunches of bands in the garage rock vein. He is the Garage Rock King. The fact that Segall creates records in such great abundance and makes it look relatively easy is to be admired. Prolifacy is a double edged sword though, and while Twins has some great moments it's mostly underwhelming. The opening track, "Thank God for the Sinners" is certainly a garage rock classic and a fitting way to kick off any album. "You're the Doctor" follows suit as a full-on rocker and "The Hill" is another great moment with a dang near gospel choir backing Ty up as he aspires to outdo The Who in bombast. Not every track is a killer, however, although it’s not quite filler. Segall can be forgiven for that. He’s a busy dude, playing, recording and touring and he does deliver exciting moments. There's falsetto vocals and reverb soaked guitar solos aplenty, but sometimes two chords and a tatch or two of reverb doesn't always a great song make. "Ghost" is an epic (for Segall) at 4:14 but it just trudges along. "They Told Me Too" is a so-so grunge tune and I’d take “Love Buzz” over “Love Fuzz” if I had my druthers (which I do)—Tyson Seagull [Ty Segall]

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