Sunday, October 14, 2012

Music Review: The Pear Traps

Elsewhere EP (no label)
Whenever I set out my Pear Traps I usually end up catching apples. Despite being a relatively unreliable fruit snare (at least for pears, as I have explained), The Pear Traps are a reliable indie rock band from Chicago that play a mellow, laid back type of lo-fi music that puts one into a tranquil if slightly meloncholly groove. It has been recommended to me that I listen to this four-song EP on a Sunday morning, which I have done. I’ve also listened to it on Friday and Saturday mornings as well, but I agree Sunday is best and my listening pleasure was greatly enhanced by the fact that the weather outside is quite sucky: rain, gloom, dark clouds, etc. A perfect day to be elsewhere—Trapper John, D.D.S. [The Pear Traps

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