Monday, October 15, 2012

Jayne Wayne's Press Release Round-Up


"Liking" Bush Tetras is a No-Wave-Brainer.

Ok, that header was in bad taste, but it's based in fact. On November 13, New York's ROIR (the original cassette-only label) will happily release the previously unreleased Bush Tetras album "Happy". I don't have the time right now to educate the unenlightened on The Bush Tetras, but let me just drop a few tags on you: "important new york band", "indie pioneers", "No Wave", "New Wave", "Art-funk". Happy was recorded by "The" Don Fleming back in '98 for Mercury Records but got shelved during a typical major label transitional period. Buy it from ROIR on 11/13/12!

And that's not all! Like Bush Tetras on Facebook today and get a comp. of Old School (No, I will never stop saying old school!) NY No-core/Now-wave. It's easy and if you actually like Bush Tetras in your real life then it's even easier. The download features tracks from Bush Tetras (of course), the handsome James Chance and his ever-limber Contortions, plus the suicidal Suicide and the terrific Television. But also Glenn Branca, Legendary Pink Dots, Martin Rev and the ever rain resistant Raincoats. Do that shit before 10/16 'cause after that it's oversville, you hippie beatniks!


Get Schooled with Microcosm's Simple History Series

You may recognize J. Gerlach 's Simple History Series from the exciting reviews run on this very blog site. Now these little mini history lessons are being boxed up into a set of seven. Educational, informational and offering a different historical perspective than the one your sluff-gutted history teacher used to read out of his teacher's edition. Set includes:

Nez Perce Indians, Hawaii (1778-1959) From Western Discovery to Statehood, The Spanish Civil War, Crusades: Christian Attempts to Liberate the Holy Land (1095-1229), Christopher Columbus & His Expeditions to America, The Congo: A European Invention, and The Cold War!

Available form Microcosm!


Someone had a good year

Chicago singer-songwriter Azita has got a new album in the can. Year was originally conceived as some sort of theater piece with playwright Brian Torrey-Scott. This nine song LP shows yet another transition for this scissor sister. It's even got a goddman reggae tune on it! No foolin', it's like a real dubby, eight minute and fifty-one second reggae jam—and not only that, it's awesome! Check it out on November 20th. Until that time, you can listen to the almost joyful (for Azita) song "It's Understanding" on Ad Hoc.

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