Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Music Review: Dark, Dark, Dark

Who Needs Who (Supply & Demand Music)
It’s dark, dark, dark. Sure, sure, sure, but not dark like evil. More dark like really bummed out. Nona Marie Invie writes lyrics from a deep dark place in her tortured soul. She's got a battered psyche which probably has a little something to do with her breakup with band co-founder Marshall LaCount in 2011. After a band time-out, the group subsequently repaired and repatched and moved on. As Fleetwood Mac can attest, this can pay creative dividends and Dark, Dark, Dark produces some well-crafted melancholy pop songs. While sunshine and rainbows do not abound, the jaunty horns and piano of the title track provide a bit of relief from the gloom early on. It’s short lived. “Patsy Cline” and "Last Time I Saw Joe" and the bulk of the album are achy breaky, break-up ballads that most of us can commiserate with, but for me only in small doses—P.C. Jones [Dark Dark Dark]

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