Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What's It All About, Secret Colours?

Each week, Reglar Wiglar Magazine asks a band, artist or musician: What’s it all about? What's the point and why go on? This week, we ask Chicago's clandestinely vivid, SECRET COLOURS:


Secret Colours is a six piece rock n roll band that aims to entertain people with music that is an artistic expression of our own lives. Our next show is on February 10th at the Empty Bottle.

The point is to discover the relationship between us and and the world. Where is our place? We released an EP on January 1st that we recorded at Engine Studios with producer Brian Deck for our upcoming full length LP. The EP is available on our website and the LP should be out late Spring.  

This is what we love to do. The one hour or so we have on stage to go berserk is what makes us want to go on. We have many shows planned including a trip down to SXSW. We hope to be a positive influence for the people who enjoy our music and intend to stick around as long as the world lets us.

FRIDAY, 2/10/12
Netherfriends, Secret Colours, Vamos @ Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave.

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