Friday, February 03, 2012

Comics Review: King-Cat #72

John Porcellino (Spit & a Half)
Number 72 of King-Cat Comics and Stories finds John recovering from the end of his second marriage. There's a a move to Florida and a new relationship. There's the end of the new relationship which results in an eventual move to South Beloit, Illinois (population 8,401). This is where John currently resides in between his jaunts across the U.S. selling his wares at various small press and comics fests. As in past issues of KC, we get snapshots of John’s life in the form of comic strips and sketches taken from ideas and notes he jots down in his notebooks. There are some “South Beloit Journal” strips depicting life in a small town (doing laundry and watching basketball at his mom's, checking his e-mail at the library, etc.). There's the “King-Cat Top Forty” with recommendations on books, music, movies, towns and sports teams that give John and boost, and there are various and sundry anecdotes, stories and observations on bats, past drug experiences and life's little, seemingly mundane, moments that one can only hope will serve a purpose in retrospectChris Auman

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