Muggy McMurphy's Rock Pick

SUNDAY, 2/5/12
Super Bowl XLVI Party featuring Football @ Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave.

So apparently this band is some sorta super group, but all I know is they're called Football. I'm going to assume that this is in reference to the American variety and not the game where a ponce like Dunc the Punk skips around the pitch, pissed off his arse, punting a round ball back and forth to and fro. A round ball! Ha! Bollocks, Dunc, bollocks!


Nigel the Chap said…
I believe the proper phrase is "pissed to the tits".
Dunc the Punk said…
Only cunting imbecilic septics would call a sport where you throw a ball football.

Fuck your gay throwball and fuck your odd-shaped alberts too.
Muggsy McMurphy said…
Sorry to bust your scrums, lads. But I stand by my beliefs!