Monday, February 06, 2012

Comics Review: Not Alone

By Vyatcheslav F. & Nickolay P. (Ag Digital)
The folks at the start-up, Ag Digital, bring us this twenty page, full-color graphic novel. It's full color, sure, but that's not to say that it's full of color. In fact, it's a pretty drab backdrop to the dreary existence the book's characters find themselves—like their lives, the colors are muted. Not Alone is a story about being alone. It's about alienation in a relationship between a husband and his wife and child. The story is simple with very little dialogue: man wakes up in the morning, he kisses his wife as she lays sleeping, but something’s not quite right. She appears to be a mannequin. Time passes. They argue over the breakfast table. “Don’t yell at me,” the man says, but his wife's expression never changes—how could it? She’s made of plastic. In the end the roles are reversed and it is the man who becomes inanimate. At least that's how he appears to his wife, but maybe this is just the way they see each other. Maybe this is the way we all see each other?Chris Auman

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