Friday, February 17, 2012

Comics Review: Project 0

Phase 1, Part 1
John & Charles Agbaje (Central City Tower)
Brothers, John and Charles Agbaje have been creating comics and stories together since they were kids. The pair have created Central City Tower as a collective of sorts. The main focus now is the on-going graphic novel, Project 0. In this thirty-two page, black and white book, (also available for download) the Agbaje brothers begin their story in an indeterminate time and place, presumably Central City. Part One introduces us to three friends, Aatu, Bea and Owen who are searching scrap yards for the parts necessary to complete the rocket they are building. This rocket will eventually take them away from wherever they are and to wherever Owen is from. Owen is an "Outsider" who fell from the sky and who possess powers that make him an outcast from the community where Aatu and Bea live. Drawn in a Manga style that allows for some fast moving action scenes, Project O has set the stage for the ongoing development of stories and characters in conflict with their environmentChris Auman

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