Saturday, February 25, 2012

Muggsy McMurphy's Rock Pick

SATURDAY, 2/25/12
Queers, Ataris @ Reggies Rock Club, 2109 S. State St.

Lemme tell yah a story about a young kid—we'll call him Suggsy—well, a few years ago this Suggsy kid was all excited to be takin' a trip to New York City and visitin' the old C.B.G.B.s rock club. You see, to young Suggsy this place had a lotta history to it, what with Television and The Ramones gettin' their supposed start there—forget that whole meathead 80s hardcore/thrash scene though (that's how Suggsy felt). So anyways, Suggsy finally gets to enter the hallowed ground of this joint and guess who's playin' on the stage at that precise moment? The Queers. Let's just say this bummed young Suggsy out and he never really got over it even though the toilets were as disgusting as he ever could have hoped. The end.

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