Friday, January 02, 2009

Reglar Wiglar Film Review: Tropic Thunder

Selected quote from Tropic Thunder
"I'm a lead farmer, motherfuckers!"

Aside from that, a bad, forgettable movie. Chock full of laffs but ultimately shallow and unsatisfying. It's no The Cable Guy by any stretch. It's also no Anchorman, but it's dangerously close. Terrible script and waste of talent.
Ben Stiller and Jack Black are both extremely overrated, as they are both not quite funny in this movie, just as they almost always are..
Robert Downey Jr., of course, delivers a tour de force performance.
Tom Cruise and Jay Baruchel, both excellent actors, also do quite well with extremely shitty material, but not enough to rescue this pitiful effort.

ANALYSIS: Basically sucks. For comedy completists and Downey-philes (and/or Cruise-o-maniacs) only.

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reglarwiglar said...

I thought this movie was funny. Funny. It made me laugh out loud, etc. Seriously. I liked it, cause it made me laugh at stuff.