Getting the Blog Back Together

Happy New Year
First of all, Happy New Year! !Próspero Año Nuevo! (pretend that first exclamation point is upside down if you would, gracias). Welcome to the New & Improved Reglar Wiglar Electronic Text-Based Humor Simulator and News and Reviews Depository or as it is known in Twenty-First Century parlance, a blog. What is different about this New & Improved Blog, you ask? Not much, except that we have vowed to post daily. We recognize and acknowledge that we have been extremely negligent in the past and promise to reverse that sad trend going forward.
Check out the new, slightly redesigned web site which we are working to improve daily. At the site you will find archives from the print edition of the Reglar Wiglar zine which was published from 1993 to 2005 and was eventually distributed in such faraway places as the Republic of Singapore and Overland Park, Kansas.

Zines are Dead
Are zines dead? At any rate, for whatever reason, there are plans for an extremely limited run print edition of the Reglar Wiglar this year. Yes, it will by a dreaded and cliched themed issue about jobs and how they suck, which is why we try not to have them here. Details on that to follow at some point.

(Up) Yours,

Joey Germ