Music Review: Lecherous Gaze 7"

Bagagazo (Who Can You Trust?)
Don’t know what a 'bagagazo' is but Lecherous Gaze is demanding that everybody do one. Maybe it’s a dance. I hope it’s not some sort of illegal drug or some sort of firework. At any rate, Lecherous Gaze makes such demands on the listener in the form of old school, hard rockin’ punk and metal music (just like grandpa and grandma used to play—seriously, rock is really old now). It’s dirty, loud, obnoxious and is no doubt delivered with lecherous gazes being cast about in every direction. If you like fast riffs and furious guitar solos, then by all means, do the friggin’ Bagagazo already!—Joey Germ [Lecherous Gaze]

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