Thursday, July 26, 2012

Music Review: Forest Fools

Daydreamer (no label)
These guys may be fools for wooded areas (copses, thickets, groves, pine barrens, etc,) but they are also quite foolish for lo-fi indie rock. Slow-paced, guitar-based songs with vocals that hang back and pontificate on the situation, that's the Fools stock in trade—I think they call it shoe-gazing music. Daydreamer features four tracks of slow jams and sadness. I think the songs may be a little under served by the quality of the recording, a flaw that is unfortunately compounded in the days of earbuds and shitty computer speakers (like mine!), but it's a promising start and it's good to know that the indie rock is alive and well in Philly. It was, after all, Benjamin Franklin who invented the genre with the creation of the glass armonica in 1761—P.C. Jones [Forest Fools]

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