Comics Review: Ryder on the Storm

(Radical Publishing)
Ryder On The Storm is an absolutely terrifying, erotic, and spectacular graphic novel. One of the best I’ve read in several years. Its chalk full of mystery, freaky-deeky sex, supernatural monsters and some good ol’ fashioned noir-style storytelling. Author David Hine has outdone himself creating a landscape and universe which the reader can’t help but wish to know more of.

The hero of our story is Ryder, a private eye called in to investigate a brutal suicide/possible murder. As Ryder delves into his investigation he finds himself in the middle of an erotic world of debauchery and dark folklore where love and pain become one in the same. What was once thought to be mere superstition is soon revealed as fact; an ancient race known as Daemons have been living alongside man for thousands of years and Ryder has just found himself in the middle of their ongoing war for control over the human race. Fighting alongside the beautiful and mysterious Katrina Petruska and the last of the daemon hunters, Charles Monk, Ryder must work against time to save his own life and find the truth behind a powerful sect of Daemons who exert their control over the city. Wonderful storytelling with plot twists and fascinating characters make this graphic novel one of the most exciting and compelling to hit the shelves.

The illustrations done by Wayne Nichols are beautiful and the perfect medium to bring Hine’s story to life. Such a detailed and harrowing story demanded just as talented of an artist and Nichols comes through with flying colors. Any less of a story and the illustrations would have been a waste. Fortunately we have an incredible tale filled with captivating characters. I recently finished another graphic novel, Legends: The Enchanted, which utilized around 15 characters and somehow managed to screw up every one of them, making each character a pointless plot device which no reader could possibly care about. David Hine uses about as many characters yet succeeds in utilizing each of them as they should be used. Well-sculpted characters with depth and emotion drive this incredible story. Each character, setting, and backdrop seemed to have been specifically chosen by Hine to push his story forward. I cannot stress how much of a joy it is to find a writer who knows exactly what he is doing.

Fans of H.P. Lovecraft and supernatural stories in general will love this comic. Fans of mystery and noir will also be satisfied. And those of you with a little “naughty side” would also do well to pick this one up. To be quite honest, I feel as if everyone will be pleased after reading this novel as magnificent storytelling and wonderful illustrations make it more than just your average comic book—Henry Rentas