10 Worst Celebrity Child Names

1. Yellow Moonbeam Honeysuckle
2. Raisyn Palm Frond
3. Skyler Tyler Zeppelin
4. Jordon Payton Butkus
5. Raspberry Raynbow Cloudburst
6. Pillowcase Footstool
7. Friendly Soapdish
8. Steamboat Captain
9. Tracker Lennon
10. Mike Dixon


Toad the Whet Sprocket said…
Raspberry Rainbow Cloudburst went to Oberlin College. After graduation, she changed her name. Now it's Raspberry Reighbough Cloudburst. Much punchier!
Anonymous said…
Pillowcase Footstall also went to Oberlin College. He was the son of Dick Armey and The Vagina Monologues. He letter went on to start the Candian Beer Pong League (CBPL). Oh! and his sister's name is Goretex.
The Charles T. and Catherine F. Nerfherder Foundation said…
Wait. You forgot Dave Potter. And: Tracy Trouble. Actually, that's an awesome celebrity name! I know this guy who talked to her once. He's in a band now with some guy who runs a zine or something, and they wrote a song about her.
sharmila said…
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