Monday, January 07, 2008

If You Remember the Thunder & Lightening Festival . . .

You weren't there!

Team Satan, Smitten, Jarvis Brown.

July 13th, 1996. Flyer by Mike Dixon.


Shipping / Receiving said...

That's a rare flier! I wonder if I've even got a copy.

Question for anyone who knows the origin of the band name "Jarvis Brown". Were they named after this guy (, this guy ( or someone else entirely?

Since I have asked a question, it seems right to provide an answer to a question posed upon the Team Satan history page, which has been revealed to me by google:
Not really sure why this was called "The Thunder and Lightning Festival" but it was.
Technically not stated as a question, but I can fill us all in, once and for all.
Marveling at this unprecedented line-up, Mike Wing said "Caboose, Smitten, Jarvis Brown - that's like thunder and lightning". We decided it was to be a festival, so that's what we called it.
I think we were wise to make the Thunder and Lightning Festival a once-in-a-lifetime thing rather an annual event, because - I don't know what they say about thunder - but you know what they say about lightning.

Anonymous said...

You should have held another festival 'cause, you know, lightning nevers sucks twice. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!



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