Monday, November 05, 2012

Music Review: Parquet Courts, Light Up Gold

Light Up Gold (Dull Tools)
It’s fitting pehaps that Parquet Courts use footage from old hardcore shows in their video for “Light Up Gold II”. They’re anything but a hardcore band, but they defitnitely wear their influences on the sleeves of their throwback jerseys (yep, that's a football reference). I have a feeling this is a band of former record store clerks—record collecting geeks at the very least. I hear so many bands I love in each song and in the Court's whole approach to the band thing. There’s Minutemen for brevity ("Donuts Only"). There’s Camper Van Beethoven for jangly sing-alongs ("Light Up Gold II"). There’s Modern Lovers (“Stoned and Starving”) complete with ad hoc guitar solos. There's the lo-fi pop weirdness of GBV (“Caster of Useless Spells"). The record also has general themes of humor “Careers in Combat”, “N. Dakota” and what could be called a love song (“Yonder is Closer to the Heart”). These guys soaked it all up to make a classic record complete with the requisite imperfections of wrong notes, out-of-tune guitars and pitchy vocals. Light Up Gold is a welcome relief from some dudes who get it. I get it. Get this record!—Joey Germ [Parquet Courts]

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