Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Comics Review: Prison Pit #4 by Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics
If you think Loady McGee is a little too reserved and Angry Youth Comics are a little too vanilla for your tastes, Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit series might be just what you're looking for in this universe. This is Ryan’s depraved ID unleashed in its purest form: blood, guts, genitalia and fecal matter abound—actually they don’t abound so much as they’re sprayed all over absolutely everything in a fantastical sci-fi orgy of digustedness. Foul creatures stalk and kill each other as they drop F bombs and leap into giant vaginas. Arms are lopped off and things get porked in obscene fashion. This should be required reading in every elementary school across the nation. I should be locked up in a prison pit just for saying that, especially since I really don’t mean it. I only said it so I could make myself look edgy and sound like I get it, but I don't get it 'cause there's nothin' to get. If you are going to lock me up, however, be sure to lock me up with Johnny Ryan. I got some questions for him—Chris Auman [Johnny Ryan]

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