Muggsy McMurphy's Rock Pick

Mountains for Clouds
MONDAY, 1/2/12
Dowsing, Empire! Empire!, Brave Bird, Mountains for Clouds
@ Pancho's, 2200 N. California, 773-772-7811

Now that Pancho's has new owners, I for one will miss Pancho. For example, I will miss his fascinating bar tricks (Remember the one with the upside down rocks glasses and the lighter and the... thingy?), his hilarious bar gags (The fake hand? Come on, that's genius!) and his spot-on percussion and saxophone playing (You'd think it'd be annoying, but no way!). Good luck to him as well as to the new regime. Hopefully, the new coat of brown(?) paint on the walls won't dull the vibe. And good luck to these four bands playing on the first cold Monday of a miserable new year!

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