Thursday, January 14, 2016

ZINE REVIEW: Nesting: Self-Care tips for Autumn and Winter

Self-Care Tips for Autumn and Winter 
by Katie Johnson

This short zine provides tips for taking care of yourself as the temperature drops lower and lower and the sun drops sooner and sooner. It includes advice on a whole manner of things, such as eating the right foods, sleeping the right amount of time, waking up correctly and going to work like a boss. There are tips for managing the whole day in fact, including the proper way to hit the sack.

Winter is a tough one for everybody, but some people are affected to a stronger degree than others. Doing the things outlined in this zine will cost you nothing and may even save you a buck or two as Katie advocates abstaining from alcohol during these months. A good many lot of us rely on booze to get us through these frigid times, so observing this particular bit of advice ain't gonna be easy. In fact, I ain't even gonna try. Other things like eating right, reading before bed, stretching and staying hydrated are easy enough. It’s good to have all these tips compiled here in one place where they can be referred back to as needed. So get it, read it and good luck, everybody!

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