Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!


To celebrate another new year on planet Earth, I have re-designed and re-launched the re-glar wiglar website. It is now more mobile friendly as the Great Google Algorithm has commanded. It is also a work in progress and no doubt still contains many bugs, broken links, typos, mistakes and confusion. If you've ever read this blog or visited the RW website (or read an issue of the zine) in the past, then you know that's how I roll. Deal with it and thanks for reading.

In case you missed it, 2015 saw the publication of RW#23. While RW#22 is still available for purchase through the Quimby's website, Chicagoans will have to hoof it to the store at 1854 West North Avenue for their copy of #23 (and #22 of course).

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