Thursday, January 07, 2016

Classic Woodrows Albums: Shit or Get off the Pot!

Shit or Get off the Pot!
(RoosterCow) 1980 

Shit or Get off the Pot! That's the Woodows' way of saying "put up or shut up," which is exactly what our boys do on this 15 minute blast of pure punk rock energy. There's no such thing as a sophomore slump when you're talking about the most prolific punk band in the history of recorded music. This firecracker second offering in the Woodrow's catalog features early Woodrow classics like "Weed Bag," "Purple Nurple" and the blistering "Charlie Nutsack." 

The record also contains a first for the Frightening Four, a romantic ballad that's guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of even the crustiest of punks: "(Sorry, Baby) Too Stoned to Bone."

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