Classic Woodrows Albums: Run, Woodrow, Run!

Run, Woodrow, Run! 
(RoosterCow) 1980 

Run, Woodrow, run! That's good advice if you're a Woodrow. This is the debut album from the world's most notorious punk rock band. Before the fame and worldwide, whirlwind tours, it all started in a garage in Antigo, Wisconsin. 

While early recordings would eventually be discovered, Run, Woodrow, Run, was long thought to be the first recording of this seminal band. 

They don't make 'em like this any more and heaven help us if they did. Running time is only ten minutes but that's more than enough time for 30 raunchy Woodrows gems. 

This LP contains classic Woodrows tunes, like, "Piss Pants," "Ricky's Got a Boner," "Naked Twister," "Firecracker," "Zonked Out!" "Bum Rap (Revisited)," and the all time great ode to freedom, "Just Got Out of Jail and I Feel Like Gettin' F'd Up" plus 23 more!

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