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Adam Gnade & The Hot Earth All-Stars, AMERICANS (Blessing Force) deluxe cassette/download box-set

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The result of an exhaustive week-long recording/writing binge, the songs on the Blessing Force-released AMERICANS range from ecstatic "talking-song" anthems carried along with soaring lap-steel and gospel backing vocals to hush-talked, noise-damaged, Gowns-ian goth-country bummers.

It's a lot crammed into six songs; a full deconstructed Americana revue based around three separate storylines (a companion to Gnade's forthcoming novel, Caveworld), complete with allusions to stripmalls, juggalos, Pretzel Time, the stars of NASCAR, humid nights, the Little Bighorn, children, the 2012 election, loan sharks, debt, watertowers, Indian reservations, big American cars, etc.

If Gnade's earlier solo folk recordings pioneered a kind of spoken trailerpark blues, the AMERICANS EP feels more like the stage-five tornado that destroys the whole trailerpark and gives way to new life amidst the ruins. Let's hear it for The New...

1. Hello America
2. The Whole Lonesome Thing
3. The Ballad of Tom Bluefeather
4. You Got Mean
5. Supper’s Waiting On The Table
6. This Is The End OF Something (But Its Not The End Of You)