Friday, May 17, 2013

COOL SHIT: "College," photography by Michael Jang


Hello friends and lovers,

We are pleased to announce the SECOND EDITION of one of our best publications. This one is called "COLLEGE" with photography by Michael Jang. As the title suggests, it's photos from his college days from when he went to Cal Arts. It's the 70's. And it is wild. Cameos from his classmates, room mates, teachers, party events, and shows include Pee Wee Herman, Kramer, David Hasslehof, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Lee Friedlander, John Baldessari, and more.

The first edition had sold out in 2 days and there seemed to be some of huffing and puffing from the sleepy ones. Ye ask and ye shall receive. Welcome yourself to the second edition feast, which is twice the size of the first. And may ye behold a joyous festivity.

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