Thursday, May 26, 2011

WORK @ HOME!!! Part 2

STOP Read Part 1 first!

Suddenly Daniel Clarke's diction and grammar appear to suffer (“your location do not matter”?), however, I did sign the Confidential Agreement Form and e-mailed it back. I did have to provide my mailing address and signature on the form, but no other personal information was requested of me in the paperwork. It may have been at this point that I noticed Mr. Clark’s e-mail address was somewhat suspicious as well. The domain name in the address was not the company he professed to work for, but a Yahoo e-mail account. The following day I received a congratulatory e-mail from Mr. Clarke:

January 28, 2009 4:13:13 AM CST

Congratulations!! This is a confirmation message to let you know that your signed CAF has been received successfully.

Fill out the Form below and have them forward to your Supervisor (Mr. Joe) to Email Address:, for your complete employment file setup.

Employee Data Form

Full Name:
Zip Code:
Home Number:
Email Address:

You are required to setup a screen name with yahoo messenger
immediately, add and instant message your supervisor (Mr. Joe) on
yahoo ID: joe2desk, to provide you with more information on the job and when to start working.

Note: The yahoo messenger will be your major means of communication

Congratulation ones again for been part of XXXX, INC, please contact your supervisor via email and Instant Messenger so that he can provide you with more information on the job and your complete employment setup.


Daniel Clarke
Recruiter Officer

Mr. Clark seemed genuinely elated at my ability to successfully fill out the CAF, “Congratulation ones again,” he had written. The aforementioned employee data form simply asked for the same information I had already provided—the same info that was on the résumé I had initially sent them. I filled it out the form and forwarded it to “Mr. Joe”.

More tomorrow.

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