Friday, May 13, 2011

Only One Way to Rock(?)

I've always thought that The Red Rocker had an interesting point when he stated that, while there may be "a million ways to make love" there is only "one way to rock." He acknowledges that this isn't simply his (Hagar's) opinion, but is a fact. However, Sammy does not go on to share with us what that one particular 'way' might be. Is it the way that he, Hagar, does it or is it something you'll only know when you see it? Surely when Sammy and Eddie slap each other "five" as they trade licks in the live Van Halen version below, that would seem to suggest that they are indeed "rocking" in a particular style or way. It's just never been clear to me what that way is. I am open to anyone's insight into this. Thanks!

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The Dead Rocker said...

Actually Sammy is mistaken here, there are several ways to rock. There is only one way to suck, however, and Van Hagar do this masterfully.