Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zine Review: Rad Dad #18

Tomas Moniz (Microcosm)
This issue is my first introduction to Tomás Moniz's Rad Dad zine. Rad Dad represents the perpective of parents who are also anarchists trying to find a balance between those two things. RD#18 is the 'Sex & Love' issue and features short bits from various like-minded contributers who share their parenting stories. Tomas tells of his own efforts in talking to his kids about sex when he discovers that his son had downloaded hardcore pornography to his (Tomas') computer. Dani Burlison shares her aborted plan to bribe her daughter to not kiss a boy until she is eighteen. There are several contributors who share their experiences with open and polyamorous relationships as well as an interview with Chris White, Director of Education at the National Institute of Human Sexuality (SF State University). I've never read a parenting guide quite like this, in fact, I've never read a parenting guide (I'm not a parent), but this one definitely speaks to a very specific audience about a very universal topic—Chris Auman

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