BREAKING NEWS!!! E-mail Etiquette Update

After struggling with this issue for several weeks I have decided that from now on, I will add an exclamation point after "Thanks" in all future e-mail correspondence. It seems to convey more sincerity than a "Thanks" sans the exclamatory punctuation. I would like to apologize to anyone who may have received what they perceived to be a less-than-enthusiastic "Thanks" from me in the past. What I really meant was "Thanks!"

NOTE: A more formal "Thank you" will still be punctuated with a period, as in: "Thank you for your time." Emoticons are still off the table... for now ;)



crowleyiancanto said…
LOL...what are you gonna do about "No Thanks"....? The exclamation point would render that a little too dramatic no? Or is passively putting a period a better option, will it get the message across?
reglarwiglar said…
I think "No thanks!" is probably appropriate in most cases. A more formal "No thank you" or "I thank you, but no" would be followed by a period.