Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Vinyl LP Review: Woven Bones

In and Out and Back Again (HoZac)
Woven Bones is a trio out of Austin, TX who play a stripped down, no frills rock and roll that’s just as likely to take on a psychedelic beach bum beat as get sopped up in a reverby swamp-land, stompy stew. The nine songs on In and Out and Back Again stick to that basic script and the result is as liable to leave a snarly buzz in your brain as a ditchweed fatty. That’s what it does for me anyway. This is music for crappy amps and basements that smell like cigarettes and puke. Those particular smells may not have been on hand at the band’s Empty Bottle show on June 24th, but perhaps there was still a trace sent of stale cat urine wafting in the air to get people in the mood—Joey T. Germ [Woven Bones]

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